Beyond the Curb with Anna Fiascone

While I was in Hinsdale, I was fortunate enough to tour one of the most iconic homes in this charming Chicago suburb. Anna Fiascone took me through this colorful home that was once a dairy barn in 1898 for the house next door. In 1924, it was converted into a residence.  Despite a long history, the home is still perfectly functioning for a modern family- plus, full of charm!

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Friday Favorites: Serena & Lily Sale

As you can see in many of the home tours on The Potted Boxwood, designers and homeowners alike incorporate many products from Serena & Lily into the mix. Most of the products they use add a touch of natural rattan and wicker to involve texture into their spaces. Since Serena & Lily is having one of their best sales of the year, I thought I would share a roundup of my favorite products. I even included photos of the S&L products that I have seen in many of my home tours!

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Beyond the Curb with Anna Fiascone and Sarah Vaile

Last week, I visited the charming Chicago suburb of Hinsdale, Illinois. Real estate agent Anna Fiascone invited me to this sweet town to show me a glimpse of her chic Midwest. The downtown had hip restaurants, a delicious bakery, and lovely boutiques all a train ride away from the city. We are fortunate enough that she toured us through two remarkable homes in Hinsdale. The one today is not to be missed.

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Please Stop Tearing Down Historic Homes

1938 Fooshee & Cheek home torn down January 12, 2022.

There is a major trend happening in cities all across America, and it is very active here in the Park Cities of Dallas. I have been voicing my outrage on social media for quite some time, but now it is spiraling out of control. Historic homes are meeting the fate of wrecking balls at rapid rates. Beautifully crafted homes prior to 1930 are being wiped out for souless modern white boxes with industrial windows. There, I said it. 

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Beyond the Curb with LillieKat Rugs

I am thrilled to bring you a new Beyond the Curb home tour today. Recently, I visited Birmingham, Alabama and fell in love with the unique architecture, sophisticated interiors, and warm people. One of those fabulous residents is Kristie Stewart of LillieKat Rugs. She sells highly coveted oushak rugs from Turkey and Afghanistan, and graciously allowed us to tour her chicly layered home.


Beautiful white oak surprises throughout the exterior and interior. Kristie incorporates traditional elements with modern pattern and an abundance of texture. This tour is a true testament to the art of layering antique and modern. The real stars are the stunning rugs that Kristie sells, and her breadth of knowledge on the quality and make-up of the different origins of oushak rugs.


I hope you enjoy this tour, Kristie’s charming personality, and stay tuned to see more of Birmingham architecture here this week!

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The tour:



Doors: Sherwin Williams Black Magic

Office: Sherwin Williams Black Fox

Walls Sherwin Williams Snowbound



Proprietors Guild

Over the years as The Potted Boxwood has grown on social media, I have had many a coffee and drinks date talking with businesses, architects, designers, relators, and landscape architects about how to effectively market on social media. There is no simple formula that guarantees success, but over the past eight years I have learned quite a bit about this socially connected world. Upon talking with brand consultant Tiffany Denson, we both felt the desire to bridge the disconnect between brands and influencers. Hence, the Proprietors Guild was born.

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