Beyond the Curb with LillieKat Rugs

I am thrilled to bring you a new Beyond the Curb home tour today. Recently, I visited Birmingham, Alabama and fell in love with the unique architecture, sophisticated interiors, and warm people. One of those fabulous residents is Kristie Stewart of LillieKat Rugs. She sells highly coveted oushak rugs from Turkey and Afghanistan, and graciously allowed us to tour her chicly layered home.


Beautiful white oak surprises throughout the exterior and interior. Kristie incorporates traditional elements with modern pattern and an abundance of texture. This tour is a true testament to the art of layering antique and modern. The real stars are the stunning rugs that Kristie sells, and her breadth of knowledge on the quality and make-up of the different origins of oushak rugs.


I hope you enjoy this tour, Kristie’s charming personality, and stay tuned to see more of Birmingham architecture here this week!

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The tour:



Doors: Sherwin Williams Black Magic

Office: Sherwin Williams Black Fox

Walls Sherwin Williams Snowbound



Proprietors Guild

Over the years as The Potted Boxwood has grown on social media, I have had many a coffee and drinks date talking with businesses, architects, designers, relators, and landscape architects about how to effectively market on social media. There is no simple formula that guarantees success, but over the past eight years I have learned quite a bit about this socially connected world. Upon talking with brand consultant Tiffany Denson, we both felt the desire to bridge the disconnect between brands and influencers. Hence, the Proprietors Guild was born.

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Beyond the Curb with Cathy Kincaid

It is a true Christmas treat and a major personal privilege to bring you a Beyond the Curb home tour of renown interior designer Cathy Kincaid. Cathy’s lovely 1918 Dallas home is every bit as charming and thoughtfully designed as you would expect it to be. With a masterful eye, Cathy uses pattern in perfect proportion. She strives to make her design equally layered and refined, while still being comfortably chic.

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Beyond the Christmas Curb with Navy Blooms

I am so excited to bring you a very colorful and festive Christmas tour. Keely Vendig of Navy Blooms spends most of November and December decking her clients’ homes for the holidays. She has all the tricks to make trees, garlands, and tabletops wow worthy for Christmas. In this tour, she even shows us an incredible bow tutorial that is not to be missed. This chic home is full of  playful patterns, vibrant color, and layered textures.

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Beyond the Preservation with Meredith Ferrell

I have been speaking up on my social media platforms about the lack of preservation around Dallas, and many have commented that it is happening  in other cities as well. So often, it is hard for young families to envision how you can make a historic home relevant for a modern lifestyle. I am thrilled to be able to bring you a perfect example of how a family did just that.

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