A Chic Duo

I recently linked you all over to one of my favorite blogs, The Belclaire House, for a post she did on the fabulous Mario Buatta designed home featured on Bravo’s Southern Charm. Not long after,  I stumbled across an article on the Architectural Digest website about two homes designed by Mario Buatta that were just too chic not to share. The most lavish detail of all was that these two homes, one in Palm Beach and one in the Hamptons, were owned by the same couple, Hllary and Wilbur Ross. The homes are seamless with a timeless style and breadth of fresh flair.

The Prince of Chintz enchants the homes with his signature eye for whimsical tradition, a craft that he has mastered better than anyone in the field. It is this whimsy talent that takes my favorite color combination of blue and white to the next level with pillows and patterns sprayed in a classical eclectic manner. These homes are just edited enough, without looking in the least contrite. Sometimes it is fun to twist tradition, and Buatta proves that it can be done with a gracious sensibility. So let’s go into this Wednesday slightly green with envy that this couple gets two high end addresses with superb design inside.


Photos by Eric Piasecki and Scott Frances via AD.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 7

The garden and the terrace are what dreams are made of…breathtaking.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 2

Timeless, but never stale. Buatta knows his blue and white.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 3

A care free and polished combination of color. Notice how he used the paint all the way on the shutters as well.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 4

A playful sophistication with this drop-dead gorgeous hand painted wallpaper by Haleh Atabeigi. The blue ceiling is a well executed touch.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 5

If your not careful, this room at first glance looks like a child’s room. What it really is, is a continuation of the outside. A cabana ceiling and hand painted hedges.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 6

That traditional twist is apparent in the lines Buatta uses throughout, here it is in the bed frame.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 8

Sweet simplicity. Nothing more lavish than a well hedged pool.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 10

The use of the boxwood is classic, but the curvature is eclectic.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD11

A stunning Hamptons home.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 13

The Ross’ have a fantastic collection of modern art which juxtaposes beautifully with the more understated elements.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 15

A phenomenal canopy. I have never seen potted hibiscus topiaries. Unreal!!!

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 17

Palm Beach perfection.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD14

Gracie wallpaper that will make anyone green with envy, mixed with a more whimsical multi-colored window treatments.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD12

A piece of modern art in a hallway of neutral hues.