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2019 Holiday Gift GUide


  • 7. This may just get me on the headband trend. This brand is widely popular in Dallas and beyond.
  • 8. My favorite hair ties.
  • 9. My mom just purchased these mittens for our winter trip. What is cool, is there is a break so you can take your fingers out to text.
  • 10. These mousepads are just beyond adorable. Also a great gift for a teacher or coworker.
  • 11. Love this clip board.
  • 12. From a hostess git to a stocking stuffer, these rock soaps make the cut every year.



for beauty

  • 1. This cream works WONDERS. I can’t recommend anything more.
  • 2. The Bag Snob just invested a GAME CHANGER in the beauty world. My skin has literally never looked better. I really think it works for all skin types (I am combination skin).
  • 3. A great gift to sample Beautycounter’s lip glosses. All the fun without the chemicals.
  • 4. I am a big fan of these eye patches on mornings when I have had too little sleep and too much vino the night before.
  • 5. The best cleanser I have used to date.
  • 6. There is really no better concealer. I have yet to find one. Dark circle miracle worker.
  • 7. I don’t leave the house in bare legs without this lotion on. I got several of my friends addicted to it too.
  • 8. This body cream goes on my arms, stomach, and behind to keep skin looking even and firm.
  • 9. The BEST hand sanitizer there is. I don’t go anywhere without it. Non-drying and kills germs.
  • 10. I take a bath every night and every night this bath oil goes in it. Intoxicating smell.
  • 11. My hair dryer. It is definitely the best our there. Yes, worth it!

for bed

    • 2. My robe. Just the right amount of weight and lightness.
  • 4. I love my Lake Pajamas. Anytime I go on a girls trip, I wear these since they are a little thicker and so cute!

my staples

  • 1. The only bra I wear. It provides coverage, it is seamless against clothes, and it makes the Ds look like Cs πŸ˜‰
  • 2. Anytime the Kardashians come out with anything, it sells out instantly. Kim K.’s new shapewear is my new go to for tight dresses. This is he style I have. The material is beyond doesn’t slip down!
  • 3. This “backpack/tote” is ideal for a fun to the farmer’s market or garden store.
  • 4. I wear these t-shirts religiously. There are no better ones I have found (wearing it as I type this).
  • 5. My favorite mules. I have them in three colors and counting. Comfortable and chic- size up!

coats and sweaters

handbags that make a statement

  • 1. I love the look of this Gucci tote with lugagge trim- classic and smart.
  • 2. From work to evening and everything in between, this Fendi bag packs a punch of personality.
  • 3. A beautiful gently used Hermes bag that transcends all occasions. My best friend has it and loves!
  • 4. A lightly-used Chanel bag is functional and chic.
  • 5. Anything with bamboo handles. This bag comes in a variety of colors and can be monogrammed.
  • 6. I own this Valentino bag. It is perfect for travel and fits a great amount of things, without weighing you down.

sneaker and workout edit



  • 1. The BEST travel bag. I fit so much in it (including my purse, bottled water, laptop, toiletries, etc). This is my go-to bag for when I check my suitcase.
  • 2. These monogrammed packing cubes make an amazing gift and a great way to keep things organized.
  • 3. I am SO excited for this carry-on suitcase. I am a big fan of the brand, and this is their first move into the luggage world.
  • 4. This is my other favorite carry-on bag. I use this when I carry-on my suitcase too. It slides right over the handles.
  • 5. This monogrammed bag folds easily into your suitcase so you have an extra bag for any extra goodies you may acquire. I am one who often needs to get another suitcase on my return..oops!






  • 1. Wash the pup in some luxe suds.
  • 2. My grandmother uses this bowl for cat actually, and it stands out in her place. If only her cat was nice…
  • 3. Blue & White should not just be limited to humans.
  • 4. If you have to have a crate, you may as well make it nice!
  • 5. I immediately purchased for my emmie girl. If this works on bad breath, I will report back.
  • 6. My dog gets a bark box every month. I never have to think of buying treats or toys. Would make a great gift for any dog lover.

2018 Holiday Gift guide

Well Gifted for All

1. Gorgeous blue and white coffee and tea mugs in a set of four.
2. Heart Shaped Monogrammed baskets are the perfect gift you didn’t know you need.
3. Lovely set of Japanese Blue & White bowls
4. Lettuce ware appetizer dish is ideal for the entertainer.
5. Gray Malin playing cards are whimsical and fun.
6. Reasonably priced and perfectly appointed ginger jar.
7. Winterberry cache pot. Wonderful place for a winter paper white.
8. Riedel decanter with 5 tumblers. An easy gift for any wine loving friend.
9. A clean burning candle that comes beautifully packaged.
10. A fresh throw makes for an easy gift. These are super comfy too.
11. This wine bottle holder traps in cold, leaving your bottle the ideal temperature.
12. Frank Lloyd Wright design dominos. A fun game for the design loving friend.
13. The lettuce ware pitcher is beautiful all year long.
14. Love the look of this chic lamp and shade.
15. Barefoot Dreams makes yummy lounge clothes and even better blankets.
16. Beautiful Italian blue & white serving plates on sale.
17. Luxurious fresh towels.
18. I use this indoor/outdoor rug in my living room (in mocha) and it has held up perfectly.
19. I am so excited for this! A S’well bottle topper to make twisting the cap a thing of the past.
20. Of course, love my S’well bottle. Keeps things insulated hot and cold for a long time.
21. Fresh, cool, and deliciously soft sheets. My mom’s favorite!
22. Kitchen Aid mixers are a great deal this weekend. May as well get it now. They are never on sale when you actually need them.
23. Serena & Lily is having a wonderful sale. I love the look of these chairs. Would easily elevate any space.
24. Weighted gravity blanket. This is on my list. Everyone who has one, loves one.
25.You won’t want to remove your baked goods from this gorgeous muffin pan.
26. The Laundress on the go stain kit. Remove stains and refresh yourself with their heavenly scents.
27. Gorgeous placemat and napkin pattern.
28.Ashley Longshore’s pop art is ever more popular. This tray is hilarious and would make such a fun gift.
29. Lavender sachets. The best smelling stocking stuffer.
30. The ultimate hostess gift for holiday parties. These cocktail napkins are every bit witty and well packaged.
31. Another clean and beautiful burning candle.
32. French rolling pins labeled by width. Gift these along with a cookie recipe!
33. My key ring! A great price, easy to find in a purse, and simple to run errands with it on your wrist. Comes in many leathers and finishes.
34. A surprisingly great price on this beautiful blue and white juicer.
35. Wake up Christmas morning with the best O&H Danish Strudels.  Shipping them makes a great gift as well.
36. A sharp looking catch-all, especially for a desk or office.
37. Monogrammed playing cards. Ideal for a post-Christmas game of gin rummy.
38. These trays are so chic and would make a fantastic gift for any style home.

Well Gifted Bed & Bath

1.I love Heretic perfumes, they are made cleanly and smell fabulous on the skin. Jasmine smoke is my favorite, but I am tempted to try Dirty Rose next.
2. A great looking shower curtain. Get your guest bath ready for visitors.
3. I love these curlers. They heat quickly and make getting ready a breeze.
4. Best gift for royal lovers- soap and lotion scented straight from Prince Charles garden.
5. Goop really does make the most effective bath soaks. I love the nurse soak when I feel any sickness coming on (they do require a bathtub wipe down after).
6. Goop clay body cleanser, because why should your face get all the detox.
7. One of my favorite sources for reasonably priced and beautifully patterned pillows.
8. Hanacure. I have heard great things about this “facial” in a box.
9. Clean candle and match set. A great hostess gift.
10. Classic sheet set with just a splash of color and interesting detail.
11. Sweet wicker tray to keep by the bed or put fresh wash cloths in.

Well Gifted To Travel

1. I can’t emphasize this enough- THE BEST TRAVEL BAG. Lightweight, stain and water resistant, and can fit just about anything. It is like carrying on another suitcase.
2. Offline eye mask paired with some very effective eye firming patches. The skin around the eyes gets dehydrated the easiest, especially in the air.
3. A soft and large travel scarf can double as a blanket in the air. I don’t leave home without it.
4. Run to a connection in time in the world’s most comfortable shoe. Allbirds are warm, comfy, and you don’t even need to wear socks!
5. This gorgeous neck pillow can be monogrammed. The ideal pillow to pack when traveling,
6. It is a jacket, sweatshirt, and zip hoodie all in one. What a smart thing to wear when traveling
7. My favorite phone cases. They arrive fairly quickly and make such a statement.
8. Fold your jewelry into this great and eye catching travel jewelry case.
9. A lovely rosewater mist  will leave you refreshed mid-flight!

Well Gifted Technology

1. Gorgeous gold lighted mirror.
2. I love that this Dyson is cordless, and I love that it is on sale!
3. Away suitcases can be monogrammed, are very light weight, and are the most functional and reasonable brand on the market. I have the Bigger Carry On.
4. When is the last time you cleaned your phone? Yeah, I thought so. This cleans and clears 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your phone. Just don’t ask me how πŸ™‚
5. I’ll be honest, I think I am going to get The Google Home Hub over an Alexa. The technology definitely seems elevated.
6.Sonos music speakers are the best. You can get multiple to have around your house and they sync up beautifully.
7. Wireless headphones are the way of the future, and now.

Well Gifted Cook

1. A Dolce & Gabanna pasta kit. Fun packaging mixed with delicious pasta is the recipe for a great gift.
2. My coffee maker is great. It works with nespresso capsules and gets the milk, froth, and volume to your customized liking, User friendly!
3. A great idea for a stocking stuffer. Cute spatulas for the aspiring baker or keeper of a kitchen.
4. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a double oven, this will certainly do the trick.
5. When a food editor and a start-up mind go into business, they create some excellent quality cookware.
6. Now this makes sense. watching your toast in the toaster. This ensures you get just the right amount of brown you desire without the guess work.
7. Cheese Anyone?  A six month delivery of high-quality cheese delivered to your door in time for happy hour.
8. White truffles for the ultimate foodie. Shave on your favorite pasta or risotto.
9. A beautifully packed assortment of Italian olive oil.

Well Gifted for Her

1.My favorite sandals are available in this lovely luggage color. You better believe I pre-ordered. They are the best sandal-casual and dressy at the same time.
2. Rose quartz face roller is ideal to apply creams and have them really soak in the skin. Roll in upwards motion to keep things lifted.
3. An absolutely lovely poncho. Could be great for travel or just to throw over when running errands.
4. Take your phone photos with the perfect lighting built into this case. It really does make a difference.
5. A pretty gold and three diamond stack ring. Delicate with a sparkly impact.
6. Parker Thatch totes consistently make my list. Great quality and always with a design punch. The red and green is very “gucci.”
7. Comes in your favorite neutrals, this sweater is not too tight or too loose, but fits just right.
8. There is nothing I love more than lounge clothes, and these joggers fit the ticket for a casual day at home or running errands.
9. A suede hat may seem extreme, but it could really take a simple outfit to the next level (while hiding that unwashed hair).
10. Rose cuticle oil in an easy to use applicator. When winter comes, there is nothing like keeping every part of yourself hydrated, even pesky cuticles.
11. I always buy a fresh pair of Tory flip flops. Each season she comes out with the cutest prints. They are a great price point too for someone who loves nice things, but doesn’t want to break the bank.
12. These slippers are cute, soft cashmere, and great for any age.
13. Lovely silk hair ties– great stocking stuffer!
14. A compact and simple jewelry case that can be monogramed.
15. Lunya makes washable silk pajamas. I love my pair. Breathable and comfortable.
16. Just add water to this amazing makeup marvel. Thoroughly takes off makeup and comes in a set of three.
17. Who says you can’t make your phone glam. I love the print of this Gucci phone case.
18. The Glo Pro! Microneedling is a painless, yet effective way  to really let your products work deep into the skin. This product has a cult-following and you will see why when you use it.
19. I bought a large in this J. Crew sweater and it has been the only sweater to keep me warm so far. It is soft and transitional from workout pants in the day, to jeans at night.
20. I have been using this cape non-stop recently. Soft and warm, I swear it works better than some jackets.
21. My favorite bath oil comes in an ideal trio set. It really smells and feels so good in the bath.
22. Bird cage crystal earrings would be a chic pop to any outfit.
23. I LIVE in these shoes. There really is no better functioning sneaker. Comfortable, reasonably priced, and goes with everything.
24. A mini lip gloss kit that comes with an assortment of colors. Clean and safe beauty is always in style.
25. Cute satin scrunchies.
26. Alison Mitchell handbags have the most unique shape and make a statement with any outfit.
27. I love my Dyson hairdryer. If you are on the fence, take the plunge.
28. The cutest customized carpets.
29. Spanx just sounds uncomfortable, but these faux leather  leggings are AMAZING.They look like leather, but provide just the right amount of support to lift that booty up!
30. Concerts and games have recently become very strict about letting in handbags. This Kelly Wynne bag is stylish, but also totally functional.
31. The cutest preserved topiary all set in a blue and white jar.
32. Because you know you kind of want one…
33. Finally a cute TSA approved pouch. Ideal for traveling and keeping those liquids separate.
34. I love Caitlin Wilson’s faux orchids. Not only do they resemble the real deal, but they come in lovely blue & white pots.
35. My favorite flats. They make my list every year, because they are that good! Super comfortable.
36. I own a gray version of this bag and couldn’t love it more. So easy to throw things in and go. I feel it looks really pulled together too.
37. While this is pricey, it is worth it. My favorite jacket when the wether gets cold. The warm down keeps you insulated.
38. How cute are these Adiddas sneakers. Just a little bit of leopard drama on the sides, the perfect neutral.
 39. Reasonably priced and cute as can be, these leopard mules are an easy way to add a punch to your outfits.
40. I put this under technology too, because the mirror is powerful and the lights show everything. It is great, until you are still looking at yourself 30 minutes later….
41. A cute coverup if you are escaping to somewhere warm this winter.
42. Odorless and clean self tanner. It is never worth the real tan.
43. The cutest bathing suit. I love the pattern and the coverage for a bikini.
44. My friends and I had these necklaces made for a sweet girl named Nadia, who passed away recently at the age of 9. Christina Addison made them quickly and they come in a range of finishes (real gold to plated to rose gold to silver). She has necklaces with multiple names too.
45. Great priced jewelry with an expensive look!
46. Okay, I love this watch. The bee, the golf, the green. It definitely makes a statement.
47. I love mini hair dryers. Drybar now makes one that has the same power and punch as their larger style.
48. Slip makes great no crease pillowcases. I love that they make hair ties too. No crease is a big selling point for me (my hair ALWAYS creases).
49. A splurge, but so good looking. I love this boot.
50. I saved the best for last. Not even kidding. The day this bra arrived, I haven’t wanted to take it off (if you are female, you know that is weird). More coverage than a spanx bra, lovely fabric, no clasps, and dips low enough to work with any shirt. If you don’t like the dip, they have ones that go straight across too. I’ll say it in advance- you’re welcome.
51. Cashmere lounge clothes. There is really nothing better than coming home from work, swaddling yourself in cashmere, and having some vino.
52. My Paris shoes! Lovely flats, very well made (Pippa Middleton is a fan), and offering free Cyber Monday worldwide shipping. Also, VERY comfortable.
53. Add a little holiday spice with this fringe jacket. I just bought this and can’t wait to wear it to some festive holiday gatherings.
54. I own about 5 pairs of these pajamas. They just wash so well and are super breathable.
55. Smythson is a renown British leather brand. I love this collection and this bag! Good quality without being overly flashy.
56. This velvet puffer has a luxe look with a very inexpensive price tag. Full disclosure: I haven’t seen it in person!
57. My mom found this brand and said it is very well made. I love this tunic shirt.
58. I just bought these! I have to say in the “mules” category, Veronica Beard wins. They look the most attractive on the foot (way better than the look of the Gucci ones).

Well Gifted for Him

  1. The best menswear, in my opinion. Every guy I know who wears Peter Millar loves it.
  2. S’well serveware is ready for you to pour a drink and keep it insulated right in the cup.
  3. This billfold wallet keeps money neatly organized without crumbling it all up.
  4. Wireless charging is the way of the future. If you are gong to buy a new iphone this is the perfect accessory to go with it.
  5. Beautycounter makes a fantastic line for men without any harsh chemicals or bad ingredients. Make the switch to cleaner beauty,
  6. Yes, this is a bidet attachment. It hooks right up to your toilet and sink to provide an extra cleanse that is so often needed.
  7. A chic travel bag that can be customized.
  8. These jackets are perfect for the great outdoors.
  9. Keep business cards fresh with this very nice card holder.
  10. Comfortable and well-styled shoes. These will surely make a special gift.
My good friend, Sam Todd, shares some of his favorite finds….
1.Wireless earphones that deliver premium sound and high-end quality. They look pretty sharp too!
2. A wool running shirt that is super soft.
3. Sam’s top choice for running shorts.
4. A great brightening face mask that “works wonders.”
5. The best looking air purifier I have yet to see (that isn’t super bulky too).
6. Sam is obsessed with the scent of this right now.
7. Custom personalized socks would make SUCH a good gift, especially for teenage boys (who are impossible to shop for).
8. Sam has owned this camo tote for years. It is super durable and makes a great gym/overnight bag.
9. Sam’s favorite sheets that feel great on the skin. Lightweight and breathable percale is every guy’s dream (they just don’t know it yet).
10. I was having lunch with Sam in New York recently and he was wearing these shoes. Super durable and comfortable, and they don’t even look like wellies.

Well Gifted Kids

Little Sits Chairs

1. A 3D dinosaur puzzle is just about as cool as it gets for a young boy.
2. A beautiful and mesmerizing dinosaur atlas.
3. A very cute felt tea set.
4. The ultimate girly journal.
5. The cutest pajamas and book sets. Princess Wear Pants and 12 days of Christmas.
5. Instead of handing over your cell phone, give them their own chalk version of it.
6. A very chic young bike for those freshly off training wheels.
7. An adorable elephant helmut. They have other designs too!
8. Who can be afraid of the dark with a  unicorn nightlight.
9. Not your typical hot toy with this vintage woody car.
10. This friendship bracelet kit is a fun activity for a young girl to do with friends.
11. A map puzzle of the USA is fun while being educational.
12. Make your own necklace kit.
13. A very large alphabet rug that is perfect for a playroom.
14. Little Sits make the most adorable chairs to fit your home. They can be monogrammed too.
15. I posted this doll house before, and it is just too cute to not share again. I want to move in!
16. This could be for adults and kids. I love maps, and how pretty is this scratch off map to highlight the  places you have been. A fun family treasure.
17. Fun fact: My friend’s mom bought these cards and we took them to Cashiers this summer and played with Mark Sikes at a dinner party. The Alphabet is important, but knowing the difference between toile and ikat is an excellent life skill.
18. The cutest book personalized for welcoming your child home.
19. A jungle pack n play that you can easily take traveling to occupy time!
20. A cute modern farm house for your modern tot to play with.
21. A great wooden baking play set.
22.  Bebe embroidered pillow comes in pink and blue.
23. The most adorable personalized jean jackets.
24. Soap rocks made in resemblance to real gemstones. Pretty fun socking stuffer!
25. My friend is buying this book for her goddaughter. You can personalize them based on the child or siblings together. What a cute and special idea.
26. Support your little rocker at heart, just don’t blame me for the headache.
27. One of the best brands of organic cotton onesies.
28.  Bath tub chalk that is non-toxic.
29. Edible cookie-dough. This is obviously for adults too.
30. If you have a child, I have probably gifted these to you. The cutest patterned PJs around.
31.These cute slip-on sneakers are waterproof and comfy for both boys and girls.
32. The best gift for a new mom. I haven’t met a mom who hasn’t loved the Dock-A-Tot.
33. Really wonderful pictogram books that kids adore. The pictures come to life.
34. Take this on the road for your holiday travel. This play pin easily folds up.

Well Gifted for the (Design) Bookworm

 1. Dior and his Decorators. My review here. 
2. Suzanne Kasler’s new book showcases her well appointed and chicly edited interiors.
3. Cabana Anthology. My review here
4. Carolyne Roehm is the epitome of chic, and this book is no exception.
5. Island Hopping. My review here. 
6. Inspired Design. A truly gorgeous book featuring beautiful interiors.
7. The Gardens of Bunny Mellon. Her impeccable taste was not just in her interiors. Her gardens were truly breathtaking.
8. Isabel Lopez – Quesada. She consistently creates the most chic design.

Well Gifted For Art

1. Who wouldn’t want a commission from Taelor Fisher?! Art is a gift that lasts. The fact that it is 15% off makes today pretty sweet!
2. Memberships to your local museums are always a great idea! Even if you don’t live in NYC, become a member to The Whitney, skip the lines, and check out one of the most talked about Warhol exhibits to arrive!
3. This Wildflower painting just makes me smile.
4. If you are local in Dallas, a membership to the DMA could make a great gift.
5. Give a gift of DNA or a Kiss? It literally takes your DNA or kiss or fingerprints and turns it into art.
6. I love Kaycee Hughes Art. Her work is so versatile and goes with any interior.

Well Gifted for Pup

1.. Emmie (my pug) has the dog leash by this brand and it has looked good as new for the past 5 years. I may just have to add this collar.
2. Great monogrammed dog bed. The perfect neutral.
3. Emmie’s dog bowl. Hand-painted by a great artist in Virginia.
4. Purrfect for sweater weather.
5. A dog tote. They can stick their heads right out.
6. Dogs deserve their spot on the Christmas tree.
7. Emmie also gets a bark box every month. I haven’t had to buy toys or treats at the store in years.
8. Toile dog bed for the sophisticated pup and discerning owner.
9. Weather resistant dog vest. Small dogs especially hate getting rained on…
10. A dog blanket and bone. Perfect for the relatives that visit with their furry friends and better for those who don’t like dog hair everywhere.

Well Gifted Holiday

1..Preserved boxwood garland
2. Fresh cedar garland
3. Bug ornament clip-ons How fun are these?
4. Faux lit boxwood Helps keep any worry about a freeze away.
5. Golden artichokes A chic decorative accent.
6. Blue and White ginger jar ornaments
7. Fresh magnolia wreath
8. Orange and olive garland
9. Reflective milky ornaments
10. Boxwood wreath 

Reason for the Season

1.Kris-10 Creation’s calendars. Beautifully hand-painted with a scripture verse for every month.
2. Angelina Paris advent calendar. A touch a Paris for each day of the advent season.
3. Notepads that are so cute and have a cheerful verse on the bottom of the page.
4. A really great book on the Christmas story for kids.
5. A kids study of 1&2 Corinthians.
6. A gorgeous book for anyone to have. Anne Neilson does stunning angel art.
7. A biblical adult study on scripture for the Advent season.

Also note- on some of these links I get a small commission and other links I do not. I don’t hold back what I like for personal gain, but always want to be transparent.



see below




*These are all my true recommendations- not sponsored


Parker Thatch Tote

Parker Thatch Tote

Allbirds Wool Runners

Allbirds Wool Runners

These are honestly THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoes ever! No need to even wear socks. I wear them daily.

Rebecca de Ravenel Earrings

Rebecca de Ravenel is known for her bon bon earrings, but I would say these Claudia La La Hoops make quite the statement.

Cuyana Jewelry Case

Cuyana Jewelry Case. These are beautifully made and can be monogrammed.

LAKE Pajamas

LAKE pajamas are insanely comfortable and wash beautifully.

Chloe Lauren tinsel Ballet Flat

I pretty much swear by ChloΓ© flats, and I am lusting after these tinsel ones for my Christmas wish list. (hint, hint to those reading)

Slip Pillow Case

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase. No wrinkles, no hair crease, no problems in the morning.


KULE makes the perfect striped shirt. Washes beautifully. My go to for travel (and all occasions)


I basically live in Outdoor Voices every afternoon into evening. The Tech Sweat Leggings are ideal for working out or running errands (and covers a multitude of sins).

Om Alone Lingua Franca Sweater

Lingua Franca collaborated with Goop to make some amazing cashmere sweaters. The stitching and phrases set them apart. If you are in Dallas be sure to check out Forty Five Ten  who has them in so many fun phrases.


Bluesmart Laptop Bag

Bluesmart Laptop Bag. Track your bag, charge your phone, and enjoy the fact it is TSA friendly. This is the top notch laptop bag that is stylish and savvy.

Master Dynamic Headphones

Master Dynamic Headphones. Incredibly sleek and excellent quality. They come in different leather colors too.

Longchamp Garmet Bag

Longchamp Garment Bag. A more “suitable” way to carry your clothes.

Brackish Bowties

Brackish Bowties. These very unique feather bowties are handmade in Charleston.

Boy smell Candles

Boy Smell Candles. Yes, “boy smells” are a thing and they aren’t always bad smells. Would be a great gift for those in dorms or apartments (where real smells lurk).

Smathers&Branson Can Coolers

Smathers & Branson Can Coolers. Stitched in needlepoint, these make a great stocking stuffer.

Veja Men Black Sneaker

Veja Pierre Sneakers are incredibly stylish and chic.


JK Chocolate Microchip Cookies

THESE ARE SERIOUSLY THE BEST COOKIES EVER- JK Chocolate Microchip Cookies. They are the size of a penny (so zero guilt)  and packed with flavor. They are based in Dallas, but just now became available on Amazon. The best gift EVER and you can thank me later (preferably by sending me some).


I include August Morgan cocktail napkins every year for a reason. They make the best gifts and are beautifully packaged, so wrapping isn’t even necessary!

Moore Ink Gift Tags

My friend Margaret at Moore Ink can make beautiful calligraphy gift tags that can make great gifts, or you can use to give gifts! Contact

Twelve Nights of Wine

Twelve Nights of Wine by Vinebox

12 curated glasses from the best wine regions in the world


Inslee handpaints the most gorgeous calendars that come on chic brass stands.

Cocktail Chameleon Book

This Cocktail Chameleon book would be a sophisticated present to bring to a holiday cocktail party (would look fabulous on a bar cart)



The Story of Babar, because everyone should grow -up knowing elephants (and all animals) matter.

State Coloring Kit BagState Coloring Kit

STATE makes amazing backpacks, but how great is this kids art folio. Crayons and paper included.

Little Nomad Playmat

The Little Nomad Foam Play Mat gives a new look to the “play room.” Super stylish, so no more primary colors to cramp your style.

Magnolia from Target Wooden Dollhouse

Hearth & Hand by Magnolia Wooden Dollhouse. May as well teach timeless style at a young age.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.33.17 PM

Balloon Elephant Money Bank. Am I too old for one?


Shop Harx Leash

Shop Harx Dog Leashes are durable and chic for the most discerning pet (I mean owner…).

At Home with Dogs and Their Designers

At Home with Dogs and their Designers features the luxe life of your favorite designer’s dogs. Plus, you can see my five year goal, which I also featured HERE.

Bark Box

Bark Box. It used to be only I got packages, but now my Emmie Pug (that is not her pictured above) has gotten in on the action. These make great gifts for the pups (and make the owner’s life easier).


Mark and Graham Acryllic Serving Trays

Mark & Graham Acrylic serving trays make for a very nice and versatile gift. I love the round one.

Fellow Kettle

This Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle sure beats the standard ones you see at big retailers. It is sleek in style and is equipped with precise technology for your flow rate and to achieve the perfect temperature.


Gardenuity allows you to send fresh herbs in chic bamboo planters.

Juliska cork Candlestick

Juliska Cork Candlestick Holder. For $39, a set of these would make a beautiful gift.

Scrapbooks by David Hicks

David Hicks Scrapbooks offers amazing insight into his world of design. See my review HERE.


Classic Architecture by Bobby McAlpine in his book Poetry of Place. Be sure to check out my review HERE

Leviating Bonsai

Levitating Bonsai Plant. It actually levitates, and I am not sure how…but this will surely get them talking.

Life At The Top

Life At The Top features the incredible apartment buildings throughout New York City.

Haute Bohemians

Haute Bohemians is an excellent book from famed photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna. See my review HERE.


Away Suitcase

The Bigger Carry-On from Away. It has a charger built right in and ample space to pack. Very durable too. Mine (with my monogram ) is pictured above.

For those who always ask- the shoes are Christian Dior and I love them because “CD” are also my initials. They are pricey, but I will link them anyway…. Christian Dior Sneakers

Parker Thatch DuffleThis Parker Thatch Duffle is perfectly stylish. The brand does very intriguing monograms on fresh styles.


I really believe that Bomba’s are the best socks. These socks would be great to travel into colder weather.

Cuyana Cape

Cuyana Alpaca Cape is totally yummy to travel in. Looking that chic deserves an upgrade.

Garrett Leight

I love the new Garrett Leight Store on Knox in Dallas, and I love their sunglasses even more. Pictured trying some on with my friend who may be slightly annoyed I posted this without asking…love ya, mean it.


The daily edited

I love the new shadow text on the iPhone cases by The Daily Edited.

Sonos with Alexa

Sonos Speaker with Alexa. These speakers produce truly phenomenal sound, and now they are capable to integrate Alexa. What more do you need for every room in the house?

Brass Earbuds

Master & Dynamic’s chic brass earphones

Jamie Clawson MacBook Python Cover

Jamie Clawson python leather MacBook Cover (other colors/textures also available)

Prynt Pocket Instant Printer

Prynt Instant iPhone Printer. I recently just got this for a friend and it was so fun to print pictures seconds after snapping them.


Mary Gaspar Plant Cell via Minted

Mary Gaspar makes beautiful prints available on Minted. I couldn’t imagine a more lovely gift than a piece of art,

Donald The Book

I love Donald Robertson’s new book featuring his incredible drawings and work throughout.


Dippin Dot Squared by Kristi Kohut. I love the colors and design of this so much. Nothing like abstract art mixed with antique pieces.

Midecom Milkboy Toy

The MilkBoy It Bear available on BAIT. How cool would this look on a bookshelf? It can double as a toy, but it is more art to me…


Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil

I don’t leave the house without my Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil. All clean, and totally lovely.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial Mask

Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial Mask leaves your skin looking like you just got a facial. It is my Sunday night go to.

Dyson Hairdryer

Dyson Hairdryer. Yes, It is worth it. I have had mine for a year and there is no going back to any other dryer. The most efficient blow dry.

Beauty Bioscience GloPRO. This is one of the hottest gifts right now. Microneedle your face to perfection.

 Vitners Daughter

Vitner’s Daughter  I can’t brag about this enough. It may be pricey, but I swear it is a skin game changer  (dry/oily/acne- it solves it al)


My nightly routine isn’t complete without a bath. Olverum Bath Oil has been around for generations. It is all natural (truly) and smells divine.

Magnetic Eye Lash extentions

One Two Magnetic Eye Lashes. Eye lash boutiques are popping everywhere, but it is a long and pricey process. This beats the stick-on glue and provides an easy alternative for long lashes.