Around The Townhouse

I once heard someone compliment a house by saying that they loved how they could open the front door and see straight through to the back. I was 11 years old when I heard that remark and I distinctly remember thinking that it was anything but a compliment. While open floor plans seem to be a popular concept, I like the the idea that each room can be distinct on it’s own and yet still blend with the house. One’s house can flow without having a whole floor encompassing one large space. This philosophy (which many won’t agree with) is why I love townhouses.

There is something about townhouses I find to be incredibly chic and sophisticated. A majority are three stories, but never very wide. It feels almost like a tree house, with each floor a layer and every room a story. They often hold a great deal of character and leave guests guessing what fabulous room is around the corner. I plan to feature plenty interiors of terrific townhouses on the blog, but today I am only going to give you a glimpse of just how chic the outside can be!

A reminder: Just because you live in a townhouse, it does not give you a right to sacrifice good landscaping. If that seems far fetched, just add two potted boxwoods by the front door- they really do make life better!

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Townhouse in Lincoln Park Chicago via TFDAMH. jpg

A Lincoln Park, Chicago townhouse. Beautiful boxwoods and window boxes. Lovely architecture as well! Photo source: The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Bunny Mellon's Townhome via FDAMH

Speaking of boxwoods….ahhhh! Bunny Melon’s townhome is my kind of heaven. The shutters are perfectly shaped and everything is so serene and wonderfully appointed. Photo source: The Food Dog Ate My Homework

Gorgeous Window Boxes via BJD Haus Design Blog

Incredibly designed window boxes make a statement! Photo source: BJD Haus Design

Greenwich Village Townhouse by Sawyer Berson

Look at the organized landscaping and sharp black shutters. This Greenwich Village townhome designed by Sawyer Berson would look perfect in every season, especially Fall!

London Townhouse on House Beautiful

A phenomenal South Kensington townhouse designed by Rob Southern. This entry is everything! Photo by James Merrell for House Beautiful 

Andrea Anson's NYC Townhouse via AD

Andrea Anson’s New York City townhouse is timeless and classic. Photo source: Architectural Digest 

Breakfast at Tiffany's Townouse

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s House has so much character (pun intended).

Charlotte Moss Townhouse

Charlotte Moss has such a flair for stylish living. A well landscaped courtyard in her NYC townhome.

Classic Townhouse via Flickr

Incredible architecture in this classic townhouse. Photo source: Flickr

Gorgeous Townhome and door via Pinterest

Seeing green in this chic a soft townhouse that packs personality. Photo source: Pinterest

Amazing Black and White Townhouse via Pinterest

Having quite a bit of fun with these statement steps and black glossed front door. Photo source: Pinterest

Townhome with Contrast via Pinterest

Lot’s of contrast between the black and white on this elegant townhome.

Great windows in this NYC townhouse via Little Green Notebook

Another great architectural townhome. The doors look so European! Photo source: Little Green Notebook

Gorgeous Townhome Entry via Pinterest

A lush and fresh townhouse entry. Photo source: Pinterest

Hewitt Horn Builders in Lincoln Park via FDAMH

The Lincoln Park area of Chicago is full of wonderfully built townhouses, like this one designed by Hewitt Hown Builders. 

Miles Redd's Townhouse

Miles Redd has such a gift for the use of color. It is no surprise that he let his NYC townhouse reflect his vibrant and design-genius personality.

Robert AM Stern Architects Townhome in West Village

A modern townhome in the West Village by Robert AM Stern. Lot’s of windows and great landscaping make the back visually appealing and functional.

Gorgeous Black Door and Topiaries via Habitually Chic

Lovely. Photo source: Habitually Chic

Townhome Photographed by Max Kim-Bee via Cote de Texas

A fabulous door. I love the serene and stately presence of this townhouse. Photo by Max Kim-Bee

Townhome vie Elle Decor

Quite the roof on this incredible Washington townhome via Elle Decor

Townhouse with Blue windows via The Fuller View

A statement, soft blue paint line the windows of this townhouse. Photo source: The Fuller View