Lockes Of Love

This past Christmas my grandmother bought me a pair of Elizabeth Locke earrings. I opened them, loved them, and then my grandmother said, “I thought it was time for some classic and more mature earrings.”  Yes! Elizabeth Locke is a classic, mature, and refined brand of jewelry. So it is no surprise that her house exhibits those same qualities.

Her home is a true Virginian classic. It is true to its roots, yet welcoming and livable. The grounds are impeccable on this renovated 1816 house, and the interior is a testament to Locke’s love of her home’s history. In a place like Virginia, roots are important. I’ll have much more on chic Virginia roots as I am going there tomorrow for Historic Garden Week.

See you back here next week for a recap of garden week and more design dreaming.


Photos from Architectural Digest. Design: Alison Martin. Architects: Neumann Lewis Buchanan Lanscape: Sue Bowman

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 1  The historic home completely restored with all it’s glory and grounds of boxwood perfection.

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 3

I am obsessed with the entry way. The double door screened entry and the eclectic tradition.

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 4

The blue couch is a fun pop of color against the yellow striped walls. This house is definitely on the classical and historical side of design, but it is to be appreciated and admired.

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 5

Did I ever mention how much I love fireplaces in dining rooms? I think they are very necessary.

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 6

A functional and warm kitchen. I love how the breakfast table is right in between the island and the main kitchen cabinetry.

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 7

This green is a shade beyond ideal. I have this weird urge to see a brown velvet couch in here with a tassle fringe lining on the bottom…anyone else??

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 8

Someone important sleeps here, or at least that is what the room conveys. The ceiling work is truly the cherry on top of the traditionally open space.

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 9

A sweet powder room of blue, with blue trim on the cabinetry as well.

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 11

Another bathroom angle of blue and white in a wallpapered retreat. I admire so much when people use furniture pieces in a bathroom. Too much cabinetry that is all the same can be…well, too much.

Elizabeth Locke Virginia Home 12How does your boxwood grow? I hear in Virginia it grows pretty amazingly. I look forward to seeing just how lovely it looks this weekend!