Break The Rule

No white after Labor Day. You have heard the rule. The real question is do you follow it? Growing up in Florida, this rule did not exist, was not enforced, and was irrelevant. People come to Florida to get a second season wear of their white jeans, dresses, and bathing suits. I was more than happy to have them as a year round staple in my Floridian wardrobe.

Enter my freshman year at SMU. I distinctly remember the Tuesday after Labor Day when I overheard a bunch of girls saying how they were putting away their summer clothes and taking out their fall ones. Needless to say, I was confused. After all, the temperature was in the 100’s and it was impossible to walk outside without perspiring. However, I unwillingly followed along.

Fast forward to last year, when I finally decided it was ridiculous to put away my summer whites when it still felt like summer. I saw so many other people stretching out their wear, so why should I suffer with the “blues.” That philosophy is the inspiration for this post. White can work year round in the home, last week’s post proves that. I will certainly go through all of the seasonal textures and traditions for the home on The Potted Boxwood, but today let’s give white one last hoorah.

Amelia Handegan What hall via AD

A perfect contrast by Amana Handegan of black and white flooring with white walls. Photo source: Architectural Digest 

White living area via Ralph Lauren

A timeless and inviting living room of white and blue accents by Ralph Lauren in Architectural Digest.

White dining room via Elle Decor

A stellar white dining room by Keni Valenti. Photo source: Elle Decor

White living area via New Zealand House and Garden

A feminine and plush room of white-gray hues in NZ House & Garden.

A white  modern kitchen via Tony Ingaro and Randy Kemper via AD

A contemporary, clean, and refreshing white kitchen by Tony Ingaro and Randy Kemper. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Library by William Hodgins via AD

People often fear that white is too sterile and not warm. I beg to differ. Just look at how inviting this white library is by William Hodgins. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Kitchen by Suellen Grogory via Veranda

A sophisticated white kitchen allows that black stove to make a major statement. Designed by Suellen Gregory. Photo source: Veranda

Bathroom by VOctoria Hagan via AD

A serene and calming bathroom designed by Victoria Hagan. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Richmond Dining Room by Suellen Gregory via Veranda

A refined Richmond dining room by Suellen Gregory (her designs are incredible- more to come on her!) Photo source: Veranda

Robert A.M. Stern Home in the Hamptons via AD

A spacious entry in this Hampton’s home by Robert A.M. Stern. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Shades of Beige via AD

Soft splashes of color and pattern keep this off-white room from looking anything but bland. Photo source: Architectural Digest

White bedroom via Elle Decor

A flirty and feminine bedroom by Hernan Arriaga featured in Elle Decor.

Juliana Margulies Apartment via AD

Julianna Margulies must really be a good wife with a kitchen as stellar as this one. Design by Vicente Wolf. Photo source: Architectural Digest

White home via shore decorating blog

A plethora of white and natural elements. Ideal for a coastal home. Photo source: South Shore Decorating Blog