The Tale of Two Boxwood

Obviously naming my blog The Potted Boxwood is a pretty significant indicator that I love boxwood, and not just those that are potted. Boxwood are plants that are elegant, clean, sophisticated, and fresh. They are the ideal accessory for a well dressed home. Because of this, it is no wonder that when a home is named “Boxwood” it must be something special. There are two homes in the South, one in Nashville and one in Atlanta, that most definitely live up to the Boxwood name.

The Boxwood estate in the Belle Meade neighborhood of Nashville was originally built in 1915 and designed by the renown American Renaissance architect Charles Platt. In 2011, the 4.5 acre estate underwent a significant restoration and renovation by one of my absolute favorite architects of today, Gil Schafer. Schafer, along with interior designer David Netto and landscape architect Gavin Duke, brought Boxwood to the height of it’s potential. The house was already historically beautiful, but the talented minds of Schafer, Netto, and Duke created a home that surpasses all tasteful expectations. While being classic and elegant, it is livable and current for the young family that now resides on the phenomenal estate.

Moving slightly further South, the Boxwood house in Atlanta was designed in 1929 by Phillip Shutze and modeled after the original owner’s childhood home in Chicago. When entertainer and stylemaker Danielle Rollins and her young family moved into the estate decades later, architect Gil Schafer was once again called upon to restore the home to it’s namesake potential. Schafer, along with architect Charles Heydt, genius interior designer Miles Redd, and landscape architect John Howard did a complete overhaul of Boxwood, without sacrificing the integrity of the home. Danielle Rollins made the house come alive with her breathtaking parties that Boxwood is perfectly suited to hold. The entertaining at Boxwood is so noteworthy, that Danielle Rollins wrote a wonderful book about it called Soiree: Entertaining with Style.

I should note that just this weekend on FacebookDanielle Rollins mentioned that she purchased a new home in Atlanta. While a home itself can be beautiful, it is the love of the people inside that counts the most. I wish Rollins and her children a lifetime of happiness in what will surely be a fabulously designed and gracious home.

After these pictures, I think you will agree that everything is better with boxwoods (new slogan or hashtag perhaps #betterwithboxwoods?!). Sending lots of Boxwood love to everyone this Monday!

Boxwood: Nashville


Original Boxwood Quintessence

The Boxwood Estate with a brick front facade prior to the renovation.  Photo source: Quintessence

Nashville Boxwood Lanscape 7 via Stylish Eve

The renovated Boxwood Estate turned out spectacularly. How luscious is that drive? Photo source: Stylish Eve

Boxwood Home_Side View via Veranda

The current Boxwood Estate is entirely white with a very beautiful black front door and shutters. Photo by Max Kim-Bee. Source: Veranda

Boxwood doorway via Veranda

Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Boxwood_Blue and White Vase via Veranda

The beautiful entrance hall is classically designed and flawlessly executed. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Nasville Boxwood Fireplace via Veranda

Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Nashville Boxwood living area 2 via Veranda

The aubergine lacquered walls in the loggia add a sophisticated backdrop for timeless furniture and patterns of blue and white. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Nashville Boxwood living area via veranda

Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Boxwood Kitchen:Dining via Quintessence

The informal dining and living area off of the kitchen really allows for a space that caters to family time. Photo source: Quintessence

Boxwood Kitchen via Quintessence

A beautifully completed white kitchen. See more views of this excellent house from the source of this photo: Quintessence

Nashville Boxwood dining room via Veranda

de Gournay wallpaper, blue and white porcelain and red tufted leather chairs give this room an abundance of character with classic consistency. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Boxwood Living Room

The modern art and classic furniture blend together flawlessly. This tremendous amount of light brings an energy into the more formal living area. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Boxwood Mudroom via Quintessence

A perfectly designed mud room. The lockers, paint color, skylights, and choice of light fixtures would make anyone linger when taking off their shoes! Photo source: Quintessence

Boxwood Powder Room with Blue Wallpaper via Veranda


A powder room like no other. I love the stairway that leads into the gorgeous blue and white wallpapered half bath. No detail was overlooked by Schafer or Netto. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Nashville Boxwood stairs via Veranda

The top of the stairs. A wonderful gallery wall set against a classically confident choice in wallpaper. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Nashville Boxwood Bedroom via Veranda

A gorgeously lined canopy bed is the main pop of color in this master bedroom, which is inviting and in line with the integrity of the home. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Nashville Boxwood Bathroom via Veranda

A flawless master bath in classic white. Fresh details were used in this bathroom that embodies timeless taste. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Bathroom via Quintessence

More of the master bathroom. Photo source: Quintessence.

Child's Bathroom via Quintessence

A child’s bathroom in the home. I adore the plaid wallpaper for a boy’s bath. To see more photos of the kid’s rooms visit: Quintessence

Boxwood Side View via MDS

A side view of the historic Boxwood Estate from Mark D. Sikes. I swear that white homes are the most spectacular, especially if you have a yard full of boxwoods to showcase!

Boxwood Landscape MDS

Another view from Mark D. Sikes. Gorgeous landscaping!

Nashville Boxwood Landscape 8 via Stylish Eve

Nashville Boxwood Lanscape 3 via Stylish Eve

Nashville Boxwood Landscape 9 via Stylish Home

Pool and yard photos from Stylish Eve. There is even a video of the landscaping from the estate, and yes I watched it all (and yes I swear I have a social life).

 Boxwood: Atlanta

Boxwood ATL Side of the home

A front picture of Boxwood as photographed in Town & Country by Francesco Lagnese.

Rollins Boxwood Home

A green and luscious view of the back of the estate from

side enterance via The Love List

Boxwood heaven!! Photo source: The Love List

Danielle Rollins Boxwood Entry

The spectacular entry designed by Miles Redd. Everything he touches is gold in my opinion! He is fun and daring, but always incorporates timeless pieces. Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda.

Danielle Rollins Bird Room via Veranda

The restored painted Chinese wallpaper sets the tone for this room, complete with tiger chairs and delightful patterns. Redd always wows me! Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda.

Daniel Rollins Boxwood Door View with cat

The attention to detail is impeccable. Absolutely gorgeous curtains that are neutral, yet full of personality. Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda.

Danielle Rollins Boxwood Living Room

A brown velvet soda against an almost french blue wall. Sophisticated and fresh! Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda.

ATL Boxwood via T&C

Another view of the room which looks more muted due to the copying. What an excellent space to entertain. Photo source: Town & Country

ATL Boxwood Velvet Sofa via Whitehaven

Redd does not skimp on style, texture, and talent. No one I know would have the mind to put all of those patterns, colors, and designs together, yet Redd does- which makes him SO wonderful! Photo source: Whitehaven

ATL Boxwood Den by Miles Redd

The library. This deep, charismatic, and polished library. The perfect blends of reds, pinks, and maroons with an incredible incorporation of gold. Notice how the bookshelves are filled mainly with…books! Redd lets the room shine instead of the shelves.  Photo source: Veranda

Danielle Rollins Boxwood Blue Astrological Room

This beautiful blue bar with a gorgeous gold sink has an astrological theme to it. The ceiling and the light fixture may put your head in the clouds….or it could just be the booze! Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda.

Danielle Rollins Bensimon striped wallapper via Veranda

Redd used the Bennison striped fabric for this breakfast room. The white Frances Elkins style chairs really play off of the personality of the room. Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda.

ATL Boxwood Breakfast Room via Whitehaven

Another view of the dining area. Photo source: Whitehaven

Danielle Rollins dining room at Boxwood

While the rest of the house is constantly a pleasant surprise, the dining room is full of clean-lines and calming tones. Rollins’ signature centerpieces and tableware can serve as the focal point of this classic dining room. Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda.

Danielle Rollins Boxwood Master via Veranda

This lavishly appointed master room is perfectly outfitted for a good night’s sleep. The leopard carpet acts as a neutral, and the gorgeous silk and satin blues tie it all together. Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda.

ATL Boxwood Bathroom

The master bathroom. Soft, feminine, and fabulous. To see another photo see last week’s gallery wall post. Photo source: Pinterest

Boxwood Closet  via The Love List

I just adore the wallpaper in this dressing room. Look closely or you may miss it! The window treatment is spectacular as well. Photo source: Town & Country

Boxwood Hydrangea and Bench via FB of Danielle Rollins

A bench flanked by potted boxwoods and hydrangeas. How lovely! Photo from Danielle D. Rollins.

Boxwood Mansion ATL

A view from the back. The landscaping is full of boxwoods, the namesake of the home. Photo source: Google Images

Danielle Rollins Parties via Entertaining with Style

An image from Danielle Rollins inspiring book, Soiree: Entertaining With Style. Danielle is the ultimate host. Pick up a copy of her book to see her recipes, tips, and magical party pictures.

Danielle Rollins via Veranda

A photo of Danielle D. Rollins who is the ultimate hostess and tastemaker. With Miles Redd, she created a beautiful estate worthy of the name Boxwood. I can’t wait to see what design inspiration her new home brings!!