2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The Potted Boxwood Gift Guide
No introduction needed.
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for beauty

  • 1. This cream works WONDERS. I can’t recommend anything more.
  • 2. The Bag Snob just invented a GAME CHANGER in the beauty world. My skin has literally never looked better. I really think it works for all skin types (I am combination skin).
  • 3. A great gift that samples Beautycounter’s lip glosses. All the fun without the chemicals.
  • 4. I am a big fan of these eye patches on mornings when I have had too little sleep and too much vino the night before.
  • 5. The best cleanser I have used to date.
  • 6. There is really no better concealer. I have yet to find one. Dark circle miracle worker.
  • 7. I don’t leave the house in bare legs without this lotion on. I got several of my friends addicted to it too.
  • 8. This body cream goes on my arms, stomach, and behind to keep skin looking even and firm.
  • 9. The BEST hand sanitizer there is. I don’t go anywhere without it. Non-drying and kills germs.
  • 10. I take a bath every night and every night this bath oil goes in it. Intoxicating smell.
  • 11. My hair dryer. It is definitely the best out there. Yes, worth it!

for bed

    • 2. My robe. Just the right amount of weight and lightness.
  • 4. I love my Lake Pajamas. Anytime I go on a girls trip, I wear these since they are a little thicker and so cute!

my staples

  • 1. The only bra I wear. It provides coverage, it is seamless against clothes, and it makes the Ds look like Cs 😉
  • 2. Anytime the Kardashians come out with anything, it sells out instantly. Kim K.’s new shapewear is my new go to for tight dresses. This is he style I have. The material is beyond and..it doesn’t slip down!
  • 3. This “backpack/tote” is ideal for a fun to the farmer’s market or garden store.
  • 4. I wear these t-shirts religiously. There are no better ones I have found (wearing it as I type this).
  • 5. My favorite mules. I have them in three colors and counting. Comfortable and chic- size up!

coats and sweaters

handbags that make a statement

  • 1. I love the look of this Gucci tote with lugagge trim- classic and smart.
  • 2. From work to evening and everything in between, this Fendi bag packs a punch of personality.
  • 3. A beautiful gently used Hermes bag that transcends all occasions. My best friend has it and loves!
  • 4. A lightly-used Chanel bag is functional and chic.
  • 5. Anything with bamboo handles. This bag comes in a variety of colors and can be monogrammed.
  • 6. I own this Valentino bag. It is perfect for travel and fits a great amount of things, without weighing you down.

sneaker and workout edit



  • 1. The BEST travel bag. I fit so much in it (including my purse, bottled water, laptop, toiletries, etc). This is my go-to bag for when I check my suitcase.
  • 2. These monogrammed packing cubes make an amazing gift and a great way to keep things organized.
  • 3. I am SO excited for this carry-on suitcase. I am a big fan of the brand, and this is their first move into the luggage world.
  • 4. This is my other favorite carry-on bag. I use this when I carry-on my suitcase too. It slides right over the handles.
  • 5. This monogrammed bag folds easily into your suitcase so you have an extra bag for any extra goodies you may acquire. I am one who often needs to get another suitcase on my return..oops!

For Technology




FOR The Pup

  • 1. Wash the pup in some luxe suds.
  • 2. My grandmother uses this bowl for cat actually, and it stands out in her place. If only her cat was nice…
  • 3. Blue & White should not just be limited to humans.
  • 4. If you have to have a crate, you may as well make it nice!
  • 5. I immediately purchased for my emmie girl. If this works on bad breath, I will report back.
  • 6. My dog gets a bark box every month. I never have to think of buying treats or toys. Would make a great gift for any dog lover.