2020 Gift Guide

I couldn’t leave us without a gift guide! I’ve gathered items that I’ve been coveting, my mom has recommended (best source), the boyfriend actually wears, and my friends with kiddos swear by!
Friends, here is The Potted Boxwood 2020 gift guide! Great thought and care was put into editing gifts down to the best for those you love. At an array of prices, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. But let’s be honest, we all deserve a little something ourselves for making it to the end of 2020! Stay healthy everyone 🙂

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Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

UNDER $100

1. These shower tablets sit in your soap dish and make your shower smell delightful.
2. A follower in the wine industry once told me about this opener and I have gifted it often. It has a foil cutter attached and is so easy to use (even compared to all those electronic ones).
3. This blue & white nativity set is actually great quality and probably my favorite amazon purchase ever.
4. A real life fern makes a great gift to anyone that needs a little green.
5. FLAT- IN -YOUR -POCKET HAND SANITIZER. Ideal for men, and also easy to put in the side pocket of your clutch. Genius!
6. The best holiday candle.
7. You can never go wrong with blue & white.
8. I have these wireless chargers in my kitchen, office, and nightstand. They charge quickly and are very convenient in not having to deal wires.
9. I am a huge fan of this cream that smells divine and really does work wonders to make your skin smooth and little firmer.
10. I always try new bath oils, yet come back to this one every time. My mom is equally addicted.
11. Bamboo flatware immediately elevates your dinner table. This set is very reasonable!


1. At a time when we are doing lots of dinners at home, it is even more special to have a beautiful table. These plates are stunning!
2. These baskets offer the perfect punch of texture for any style home.
3. I love the look of these stylish melamine dog bowls.
4. I posted these monogram linen napkins on my instagram recently (you can change style and colors) and the feed back was phenomenal! The reviews speak for themselves, and such a great price!
5. A chic pillow to add to any room.
6. These bee wine charms are a great way to keep an eye on your own drink and the perfect addition to any socially distanced gathering,
7. I wish I had a better picture of these gorgeous blankets! Feminine, sweet, and and floral. Teens would love this too!
8. I own and love these blue & white melamine plates! I never worry about breaking them.
9. Who doesn’t love potted boxwood?!
10. The most glorious shade of blue on these french bistro chairs. They come in counter stools too!
11. THE BEST BLANKETS. Super reasonable, very soft, an easy gift for anyone.
12. A gorgeous green pillow. This website is a great resource for high quality pillows that don’t break the bank.
13. I’ve owned this exact faux orchid in the blue & white for years. The quality is great and many people think it is real. Worth the investment.
14. This is a great concept- tablescape in a box! You get plates, napkins, and placemats for four people. Takes all the work out of setting a table, while keeping it glamorous.
1. Chic and sweet hand towels perfect for any feminine room.
2. A bar cart that makes a statement on its own. I would even make this a side table or stick it in my bathroom.
3. A set of three chinoiserie panels that would make anyone start guessing Gracie?
4. Chic everyday placemats for all seasons. Out of all of my placemats, I use these the most.
5. Another fantastic faux orchid. The vase on this one is really unique.
6. French wine glasses add a subtle punch of chic to any dinner table.
7. GAME CHANGER ALERT! This pad goes on your mattress to keep you comfortably cool. My friend bought this and says it is the best purchase she has made in years! She keeps it really cool and her husband adjust his side to his own preference. Who likes sleeping hot anyways?!
8. I want a whole set of these glorious and chic coffee cups. It would make the whole morning more enjoyable.
9. These vine and branch serving utensils make really pretty hostess gifts. Reasonably priced!
10. A sophisticated glass decanter.
11. These linen coasters add a dash of whimsy to any gathering.
12. Blue & white is always right.
13. This is my best NEW discovery: WASHABLE RUGS. That is right. You no longer have to worry about kids, puppies, or boyfriends spilling on your nice rugs because you can throw these right in the wash! They are stylish too.
14. Customized inserts for blankets make a really memorable gift. You send a picture of what you want it to say (even in your writing) and they add it onto plush throws.
1. This dutch oven has been on my list for a long time. There is something so sophisticated about the white with gold hardware.
2. I love my latte maker, but making coffee for two people goes through a lot of pods. This coffee maker makes 14 cups, can be set to auto-brew, and keeps the coffee hot! It is so good, the boyfriend just bought one too!
3. Pretty pink mixing bowls make cooking a little more enjoyable.
4. A great gift for college girls and guys, or even your family home. These disposable coffee cups can be customized with a girly monogram, house nickname, work place logo, or guys time mantras. A thoughtful and inexpensive gift!
5. I own all of the plates in this collection and hope to add to it with this timeless lettuce ware serving platter.
6. GENIUS GIFT. A monogrammed cutting board with an insert for your phone (I think you could stand an iPad in there too)! I can’t tell you how convenient this would be to easily follow recipes while cooking.
7. A great set of new kitchen utensils in this beautiful seafoam mint color.
8. BEST PURCHASE OF 2020 for me personally has been this corcksicle cooler tote bag. You can easily sneak some drinks in there and they stay cool while at the pool or golf course. Comes in lots of colors!
9. These non- stick pans are also non-toxic and come in an array of pretty colors. I love that don’t have the mess or the chemicals.
10. This outdoor ice bucket and wine glasses can be monogrammed. Perfect for any outdoor gathering.
11. These olive oils are supposedly spectacular. A great gift for the cook in your life!
12. NOT PICTURED: Another great gift idea of a cutting board with your recipe engraved on it. Could even be printed from your own handwriting- very thoughtful!


1. These jewelry boxes are exquisite and make memorable gifts.
2. I own this ring in a beautiful green color and hope to one day to add to my collection. I get so many compliments. All their jewelry is stunning.
3. These monogrammed scarfs are personal and cozy.
4. Probably the most comfortable sneakers around. I like that these gift a little boost of height.
5. These are my favorite fashion sneakers because they aren’t bold and screaming “label.” Just subtle enough. They look great with dresses and jeans.
6. Really sweet initial charm necklaces. Perfect gift for a mom or grandmother- can add all the kids initials to one!
7. Stackable birthstone rings. Also perfect for a mom!
8. I own these boots and love the height and look! A good wardrobe staple.
9. A precious cross bracelet is a good reminder of the reason for the season.
10. The Valentino waterproof sandals are less expensive than the leather ones, and still deliver the same chic look.
1. The sweetest dresses and patterns, especially perfect for the teenage girl in your life!
2. These turtlenecks are my absolute favorite. A splurge, yes. I don’t think you will regret this classic wardrobe staple. They fit perfectly.
3. A friend of mine has raved about these leggings recently. I think she bought every pair! On my list.
4. I adore this pretty green turtleneck dress. I always need a good fall to winter church dress, this is perfect!
5. Chic suede leggings. Great under an oversized sweater or with a button-down.
6. I have had this same cape for years now and it has more than proven its worth. It goes on every airplane with me!
7. Cashmere scarves always make fantastic gifts.
8. A lightweight cashmere wrap. The ideal thing to throw in your purse without having to bring a bulky jacket.
9. The very best casual turtlenecks. Always a hit! I put them on over workout gear, or just running errands. Casual and covetable!
1. Light and fantastically soft pajamas.
2. Monogrammed robes are always great gifts for the person who is hard to shop for!
3. This underwear is something I literally wear everyday. Make great stocking stuffers!
4. Another thing I wear everyday. The MOST comfortable and supportive bras around. I love how they are perfectly seamless too!
5. Another lightweight pair of PJS that is super soft. These wash beautifully.
6. This is the type of robe they have in the spas– waffle texture on the outside and plush on the inside. I want!
7. Another fantastic pajama set from one of the best companies around. I adore a long shirt and shorts to sleep in- hard to find that combo!
1. I love the feminine neutral color of this designer card case. Could honestly be a whole wallet.
2. A really great gently used version of the bag I am coveting the most right now. This color is just beyond!
3. Monogrammed jewelry cases make phenomenal gifts. Great for all ages!
4. I am wild about this fabulous bag.
5. A versatile and everyday designer tote bag that will remain timeless.
6. My mom discovered these chic monogrammed bucket bags. They are just darling and very high in quality.
7. My sweet friend Emily launched an adorable new website. I love these one- of-a kind Bow Basket Bags!


1. Own and love these staple workout leggings.
2. I also own and love this tennis skirt. I have also played golf in it. Very comfortable and the right amount of thickness you need, while still being lightweight.
3. My friend recently bought her second pair of these shoes and is obsessed. “The most comfortable shoe,” she says. On my list!
4. The only socks I wear. They are just better than the rest, can’t explain why!
5. I am coveting this chic pullover for the colder days ahead.
6. I own these workout leggings in navy and really like them. The tan color is really pretty. In my opinion, don’t buy if you are under 5’5.
7. THE IT GIFT of the season. I own these workout bangles that can be added to your wrist or to you ankles. A great workout addition for walks or yoga!
8. The ultimate splurge that would get great use. I love these lightweight vests– just the right amount of warmth.
9. Tried, tested, and approved- these flushable wipes are the best ones around. Many friends have endorsed.
10. Another best-selling pullover to run around town.
11. A great gift for someone who loves to do yoga, pilates, or just bring their own mat to workout. A chic yoga mat bag. Tis the season of not sharing germs.
12. Year after year, these are still MY FAVORITE WORKOUT PANTS.Period.
13. A super stylish pullover fleece that isn’t your typical north face.
14. I own and love these sneakers. They aren’t bulky and give you the right amount of lift in your leg.
15. Stylish yoga mats make working out more fun.
16. The softest workout out tanks that fit anyone well! Own and love.
17. The best sunscreen out there that is also made with safe ingredients.
18. My favorite non-toxic deodorant that actually works. Trust me, I have tried them all and this is still the best!
19. NOT PICTURED: I own these lightweight sweatshirts in about 5 different colors. They are so soft and light. My favorite to lounge in.


1. THIS IS ON ALL MY FRIENDS’ LISTS. Not even kidding- everyone wants one! I’ll keep my eye out for a good deal! FOUND ONE: 27% off HERE
2. My favorite eye cream. It really works well.
3. This palette has been a game changer for me. Bronzer, blush, and really pretty eye shadow shades (minus that red one). I love that I can just throw it in my purse and go!
4. These are on my list every year for a reason. I love sleeping on these silk pillowcases. My skin and hair feel better for it.
5. It is expensive. It is worth it, but ONLY if you get the rich cream. The regular one is just ehhh. I haven’t had botox yet, and I think I have this to thank.
6. The best hot rollers around. This is how I do my hair daily. I wish I could be talented enough to use an iron. I also love how I can just throw these on, do my makeup, and then boom- ready!
7. These hair ties don’t leave a crease or get knotted.
8. I discovered this tinted lip oil this year and am now on my third one. Nourishing, the right pop of color, and not sticky like gloss. It actually stays on for awhile too!
9. I use the Beautycounter foundation and love it. My friend argues that this foundation is the best on the market. I am going to try and report back!
10. Another everyday product I love. I have no natural volume and this spray perks up my hair pre or post blow dry!
11. I use the under eye patches when I need to perk up a sleepless night. I feel they make quite the difference.
12. A great dry shampoo that so many of my friend swear by!
13. I have yet to meet a better hair dryer. It is worth it!
14. This shampoo is all the buzz. My friend approves!
15. The ultimate lip hydration. Something we will all need for cooler weather.


1. The chicest bike/trike with a basket. Comes in other colors too!
2. Really spectacular monogram work (her mom is a follower!). All of her pillows are so sweet and with the most unique lettering and color combinations.
3. Customize name puzzle with dinosaurs on the end. Pretty cute!
4. My friend sent me the link to this device that can turn any travel seat into a bed/changing pad. The best part is the kids can ride on it! TSA approved.
5. Another friend (all these kid recs are from friends) is planning to buy this wagon. It is very durable and has harnesses inside to keep the kiddos safe!
6. The sweetest petite french table and chairs that you won’t mind displaying in your home.
7. Non-toxic play dough in really pretty colors.
8. A MUST for babies according to my mom friends. An easy spot for baby to play, nap, and just be content- if only for a moment.
9. Lovely monogrammed bibs and diaper covers.
10. Great masks for kids. Ask me last year if I though I would ever write that caption- ha!
11. Planning to buy these for friends. Personalized burp cloths are great gift for new babies!
12. Numbers, shapes, and the child’s name puzzle. This makes an excellent gift and really promotes good sensory learning and motor skills (the teacher in me speaking).
13. A non-toxic ball pit that can come in a variety of colors! A simple, yet entertaining toy for tots. My friends have one and it is always a hit!
14. SUCH A GREAT GIFT! These kits are based by age which makes everything on level for the child- books, educational games, etc. Genius.
1. Monogrammed pacifiers, because why not?!
2. This website has the most precious girls’ dresses.
3. Another beautiful dress in a playful pattern.
4. A luxe moses basket for baby. h
5. I buy these onesies for all my mom friends. They are SO soft and THEY ZIP. Brilliant and will actually be used.
6. How adorable are these little zip-ups with the ears?! I just can’t handle it!
7. A sweet and simple girls dress. I love more traditional baby clothes.
8. I think any little girl would adore some glittery ugg boots! How fun!
9. This jacket has a very Kennedy-eque look. Great for the cooler days ahead!
10. Fantastic gingham jon jon. Just add a peter pan collar and I’ll be smitten!
11. I love the pattern on these precious bibs.


1. Monogrammed golf balls and tees. A special and memorable gift.
2. Collegiate pullovers from my dad and my boyfriend’s favorite mens line. This has SMU, but could easily pick another university.
3. Polos from the collegiate line as well. I love the light blue with the Baylor green (just for you Donald).
4. This is the ultimate gift for a golfer! Practice your put and ball comes right back to you. I am actually surprised this isn’t more expensive.
5. Monogrammed baseball. They have footballs too!
6. This coffee cups wirelessly keeps your coffee hot! A great gift.
7. A personalized airpod case. Especially great for those that tend to lose them (cough cough).
8. A whiskey glass and cigar holder all in one. Pretty genius! Also, smoking kills.
9. Okay, these pants are from amazon and VERY CHEAP. The funny thing is, these are my boyfriend’s favorite and they actually are great quality.
10. A set of three boxers make an easy gift.
11. I love the high quality look of this belt.
12. Another great pullover. This brand is the perfect combination of superb quality and style.
13. Who doesn’t love a cozy slipper.
1. The ultimate grilling set.
2. This sock brand is the best in quality.
3. These are the running version of the super soft Allbirds. I don’t think there is a more comfortable shoe.
4. Any guy who is in to sports or just sore from life could use a theragun to loosen those stiff muscles. I have become quite the fan myself!
5. This year has brought many first, including giving a man a haircut. These men hair kits were all sold out back in quarantine. I wouldn’t hesitate to press purchase on this!
6. The softest and most breathable workout or everyday shirts around.
7. These adjustable dumbbells were also sold out everywhere during quarantine. An investment, but will most likely be worth it!
8. The perfect round ice cube molds. Great for those who love a stiff nip in the evening.
9. This brand makes the best sweatpants, so no wonder their shirts are best sellers.
10. Mens joggers that are the ideal accessory to work from home.
11. Basic and versatile workout shorts that are highly rated.
12. I love the look of these sneakers. Could easily elevate a casual outfit or make dress attire more cool.


1. The best luggage line around. These stylish suitcases roll beautifully, are very durable, and some in an array of sizes.
2. Sweet toile face masks.
3. THE BEST MASKS. Friends endorsed. I am pretty sure we all have them. Adjustable ear loops and soft moisture wicking material.
4. This TSA approved toiletry case used to be just for travel, but now it is my everyday makeup bag. Super durable and I love how it is raised up- fits better than the flat clear bags.
5. Collegiate masks and a fan favorite. See what I did there….
6. THE BEST TRAVEL TOTE. These have now become my mom friends diaper bags too. They are lightweight and versatile. This one slides over your suitcase handles too!
7. A chic marfa toile mask.
8. Passport covers to get excited about all the trips we have rescheduled.
9. These masks are the most stylish!
10. I have recently converted to silk masks to avoid the chin acne. I love them!


1. THIS IS COOL. Drop your phone in this bucket to charge and to get cleaned by UV light that kills 99.9% of germs. You better believe I’ll be dropping my masks in there too!
2. A fancy and fun way to elevate your phone.
3. A tortoise airpod holder that could attach to your purse or keychain.
4. A BMI scale that keeps you truly body aware. Very cool for the fitness guru in your life, but maybe let’s save it for 2021…
5. A stylish and sophisticated way to keep your cords organized.
6. No, this is not art. It is a TV. These smart TVs look like art so there isn’t an ugly eye sore in your formal living room.
7. Monogrammed card cases that attach to the back of your phone!
8. My phone case! I get so many compliments on it. You can do a full name or just initials. Very well made!
9. Let’s face it, our phones are filthy. This cleans your phone with UV light that kills bacteria.
10. Look, but don’t touch. This key can be added to your key chain to press buttons on credit card pads in stores. One less way to catch the covid.
11. I love my speakers! I have one in my bedroom and in my living room. They sync up to provide the perfect sound. I like that I pick my music straight from my phone.
12. A wireless charging station and catch-all tray. Can be monogrammed too!


1. Since we are spending a lot more time at home, how perfect are these personalized corn hole sets.
2. Who’s Who?! A fun and interactive game to keep you guessing.
3. All that glitters is gold with this luxe domino set.
4. Who wouldn’t want to do a beautiful blue & white puzzle?!
5. Tic Tac Toe got quite the elevated look.
6. A chic spin on Connect Four.
7. Chinese Checkers was one of the most treasured and fun games I played with my students. This marble set is definitely extra!
8. GREAT GIFT! Your favorite classic board games now come in the look of a book! No more torn boxes hidden in cabinets. These can sit right on the shelf!
9. The cutest playing cards I ever did see!
10. PicWits is a fun game where someone comes up with a witty caption and the other person has to guess the picture that matches.


1. These smaller basket trees are ideal to put in hallways and entryways around the house.
2. Take a walk on the wild side with these plush leopard tree skirt.
3. Add sweet photos to these frame ornaments to place some memories on the tree.
4. MY NEW TREE SKIRT that I absolutely adore. Great quality and really beautiful pattern.
5. A set of 12 agate ornaments for the cool girl tree.
6. If you have small kids or naughty puppies, the planter box in place of a tree skirt is the way to go! Easy to assemble and still looks stylish.
7. A lot of you ask for faux tree recommendations, and I really love this one. It is full and realistic.
8. A partridge in a pear tree, or on the top of your Christmas tree.
9. Blue & white ginger jar ornaments are a hit every year.
10. A beautifully generous sized preserved boxwood wreath.
11. Blue and white striped tree skirt.
12. Tree collars are another great way to add sophisticated texture to your tree.
13. GREAT GIFT ALERT. These twelve days of Christmas plates are too adorable for words. I own and love the playful patterns on each!
14. There is no way around it, glass bulbs make your tree glow!
15. Fresh bay leaf garland has a chic Christmas look.