An Armani One-Liner

Yesterday, my year-old pug puppy decided it would be a fabulous idea to jump on my vanity and remove my Armani eye-liner for an afternoon snack. The rest of the day called for a vet visit, a home-cooked Whole Foods dog dinner, and constant drooling (and not the kind you have over Gracie wallpaper).

I think it is only fitting that I showcase the very sleek and contemporary Milan residence of the fashion, makeup, and furniture king. Armani has a gift of timeless dressing, incredible coverup¬†(seriously- it is the best!), and sharp lines. The only thing Armani lacks is an ingredient list for it’s make-up products. I can live with that, as long as Emmie lives. Today I am going to show you how Giorgio Armani lives, which is as flawless as his foundation and as smooth as his silk.

Giorgio Armani in Milan

Armani Library via Vogue UK

A stellar galley library in Armani’s Milan home. Photo source: Vogue UK

Den of Armani via Nuevo Estilo

Sleek wood walls in this library in the home. Photo source: Nuevo Estilo

Armani Dining Room via Nuevo Estilo

A checkerboard rug and contemporary high-back chairs in the dining area. Photo source: Nuevo Estilo

Armani Hallway via NYT

An airy hallway with simple details. Photo source: New York Times

Amani's Hallway via Nuevo Estilo

A close-up of the hallway and the black panthers. A home that is minimalist in one sense, and intricate in another. Photo source: Nuevo Estilo

Living Room of Armani via Nuevo Estilo

A comfortable and contrasting living area. Photo source: Nuevo Estilo

Armani Living Area via Neuvo Estilo

High ceilings and warm simplicity. Photo source: Nuevo Estilo

Armani's Milan House via Nuevo Estilo

The exterior of the Milan residence. Photo source: Nuevo Estilo