Animal House

It is often said that you should not wear leopard on a first date. I have really never understood that. I get that it may “scare” a guy, but if leopard scares him then chances are a second date is not in the near future. I admit a whole outfit of leopard may be much, but what is the harm with a splash of it. I love leopard shoes, they go with just about everything. Honestly, this is the same philosophy I have with leopard in decorating. I love pops of animal print throughout the house.

I recently bought these leopard print pillows at Furbish Studio. They add texture, pattern, and neutrality to my space. Animal prints can stand-out if you choose, or blend in seamlessly. It is up to you, your placement, and your light. Yes, light is a huge factor for the tone of your animal print. A dark space with animal print sets a dramatic and opulent tone. Leopard and zebra in a space with plenty of light sets a sophisticated attitude.

Either way, you can’t go wrong. Just don’t go overboard.


“As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral”

-Jenna Lyons

A small bit of animal print via Pinterest

A perfect touch of leopard in this neutral and airy room. Photo source: Veranda

Leopard runner via AD

A gorgeous green latticed stairway with a leopard runner and zebra rug. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Barclay Butera vie his website

Comfy leopard chairs in this dining room by Barclay Butera.

Charles Spada Sofa via Veranda

My all-time favorite leopard sofa in this Normandy home designed by Charles Spada. Photo source: Veranda

DVF's penthouse via AD

A splash of zebra in the NYC penthouse of Diane Von Furstenberg. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Animal Print Staircase in Hutton Wilkinsons home via Bazaar

A dramatic use of leopard on this spiraling staircase in the home of Hutton Wilkinson. Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar

Leopard Bench via Lonny Mag

A wonderfully collected room with a leopard bench for a coffee table. I love the piped lining. Photo source: Lonny

jimenez leopard rug in AD

A neutral leopard rug in this dining room by David Jimenez featured in Architectural Digest.

Leopard walls by Windsor Smith via Veranda

A kelly green desk pops in this room of a leopard linen by Peter Dunham. This room designed by Windsor Smith was featured in Veranda.

Mary McDonald's wall via Interior Design Chat

Lots of print, yet this room works beautifully! Interiors by the glamourous  Mary McDonald. Photo source: Interior Designer Chat

Michelle Adams Leopard Stools via Lonny

I love these incredible ottomans at the end of the bed. A fun mix of black and white in this room by Michelle Adams. Photo source: Lonny

Jeffert Bilhuber leopard sofa via AD

An incredibly worldly and eclectic room by Jeffery Bilhuber featured in Architectural Digest.

Miles Redd den with animal print pillows

A lovely little den by Miles Redd with a bold use of red and leopard.

Nina Griscom Lepard Pillows via AD

Leopard pillows accent this sofa in a room designed by Nina Griscom. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Miles Redd in Boxwood House ATL via Town and Country

Another room by Miles Redd at the Boxwood house in Atlanta, the former home of Danielle Rollins. I have featured this house previously, but it is too good not to post again. That carpet!