Ann Wolf

Ann Wolf Interiors 11

Beautifully applied pattern, a lovely juxtaposition of color, and chic livable interiors make up the elegant ambiance of designer Ann Wolf.  Ann, a Houston designer, creates each room to appeal to all the senses. Her work is enticing, which leaves you wanting more of her vast range in talent.  As you can see in the interview below, she curates her spaces based on the personal style of her clients. No detail is left behind. While the big picture is stunning, the details are what leave you charmed. I hope you enjoy getting to know Ann Wolf and her smart, sophisticated interiors.




interior photos by: Fran Brennan

Where are you from/live currently?


I grew up on the upper east side of Manhattan. We lived in a white-brick post-War building, and my mother decorated our apartment in vivid shades of green and yellow. She was one of my early influencers. Now I live in Houston, Texas in a Curtis & Windham designed home my husband and I built 15 years ago, but I recently regained a foothold in Manhattan with an apartment near where I grew up. I decorated it in blues and greens.


Ann Wolf Interiors 4

This room makes a bold impact with cheerful patterns and lively colors.  That wallpaper is my love language!


How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?


My personal design aesthetic is a layered composition of pattern and color. I adore antiques but also like a dash of modern, particularly Scandinavian furniture and ceramics.

I love antiquing and shopping on ebay and always encourage my clients to collect something. I have pottery collections in all my houses. Collections do so much to personalize a home. They don’t have to be fancy; the most utilitarian objects can look fabulous when they’re grouped together in a collection.



Ann Wolf Interiors 13

Blue loves green, and it is definitely obvious in this smart dining room.

Best advice you ever received about designing?


I have four: Be brave and take chances. Go with your gut. Comfort and practicality are essential. No detail is too small to consider.


Ann Wolf Interiors 7

A softer play of pattern and texture in this serene bedroom retreat.

Ann Wolf Interiors 6

This green room may be my favorite. The patterns and scale are so skillfully executed.


What current trends are you embracing?


I am loving the banquette trend for living room seating areas as well as for dining and breakfast rooms. They are practical and cozy, and they maximize space and comfort. I have never stopped loving chintz or brown furniture and am so happy to hear they are back in favor. I love wallpaper, upholstered walls, and custom lampshades.

Ann Wolf Interiors 10

A great display of art in this warm and graceful living space. I love all of Ann’s use of Scandinavian accents throughout her design.


Sophisticated paneling creates the ideal backdrop for this poised study.


Who inspires you?


I really am inspired by my clients because nothing excites me more than a new, challenging project. When clients come to me with their very own set of needs and desires, I am always inspired to create something personal just for them.


Ann Wolf Interiors 12

This may be for a cute kid, but I would gladly sit here and read a book too! Love the red and white and mix of pattern. She mixes pattern so beautifully.


What are your design pet peeves?


Beige rooms and ceiling fans with attached lights. I don’t like rooms that look like showrooms or hotel rooms either, particularly because they don’t reflect the personality of the people who live in them.


Ann Wolf Interiors 8

Ann Wolf on her recent trip to Jaipur. Always chicly dressed and surrounded by beautiful fabrics.


A blue & white sanctuary. I love how every room feels collected.


What is on your nightstand?


My friend William Middleton’s new book, Double Vision, about the De Menils of Houston; flowers from the garden; a carafe of water; and a dozen issues of The New Yorker!


Ann Wolf Interiors 5

This bedroom is a dream. Gorgeous pattern and totally inviting texture.

Potted boxwood___


Potted boxwoods are the architecture of the garden, and boxwood topiaries inside the house are the ultimate in style!


Ann Wolf Home

The front exterior of Ann’s chic Houston home.