Architect’s Eye: Andrew Skurman

While I am focusing on all my travel essentials, I didn’t want to leave you without one great post to hold you over for the next week (yes, I am taking a week off- so be sure to check instagram for fun photos). I recently came across the work of Andrew Skurman Architects who operates out of San Fransisco and Paris. The architectural team does a breathtaking job of incorporating unique elements into timeless architecture to create stunning masterpieces across the globe.

From French, to Georgian, to Mediterranean design, these architects take houses to new heights by adding the perfect amount of character for things not to look too “new,” as well as the addition of carefully appointed landscaping. The craftsmanship is spoken for in the eye of the architects, whose details are superb in every way. I hope you will agree!

Have a wonderful weekend/week and I will see you all as soon as my jet lag is recovered!  XO-TPB

Photos by Matthew Millman and they are in no particular order.

Andrew Skurman Architects. 3

Perfectly potted boxwood.

060504_P 0025060504_P 0025

A sweet bathroom. So cleaver to do the step up to the tub. I am also a huge proponent of bathrooms that open to the outside.

Andrew Skurman Architects. 11

Andrew Skurman Architects. 12

Andrew Skurman Architects. 18

Isn’t this so interesting? I bet that patio is fabulous for entertaining!

Andrew Skurman Architects. 5

The details are just…wow!

Andrew Skurman Architects. 6

An ideal bathroom, serene and simple. Look at the wall against the tub…see that detail! Not so simple after all!

Andrew Skurman Architects. 19

Andrew Skurman Architects.10

Andrew Skurman Architects. 17

060504_P 0025

Love the U-shaped mold of the ceiling. Of course, I love the wallpaper as well!

060504_P 0025

Andrew Skurman Architects. 22

A more Mediterranean approach….enchanting and made of European dreams.

Andrew Skurman Architects. 2


Andrew Skurman Architects. 8Andrew Skurman Architects. 15

These architects are truly crafted with the gift of knowing what will be appeasing to the eye. Their placement is perfection.