Aspen Moss

Growing up in Florida, every winter would bring a flux of people from the North coming to the sunshine state to escape the snow. Floridians somewhat-kindly refer to these people as “snowbirds.” This term is used not only to describe what they are fleeing, but often the color of their well maintained hair. Traffic is miserable, but it is always fun to guess what Cadillac is adorned with what northern license plate. A very similar type of migration happens in Colorado in the Summer. Only instead of snowbirds flocking the Rockies, it is Texans.

The heat in Dallas is truly miserable in July and August, so it is no wonder that many families from Dallas to Houston drive their oversized SUV’s and make their way to the Mountains of Aspen to Vail Village. Currently I am waking up in Aspen on this brisk morning and staying with a fabulous Dallas family. This week I thought I would pay tribute to beautiful Colorado homes. It is so hot out, so why not enjoy some Christmas styled homes in July.

Here is the beautiful Aspen home of Charlotte Moss (which has since been sold I believe) that was featured in Elle Decor. An oldie but goodie! Photos by Pieter Estersohn.

Stay Cool!

Charlotte Moss' Beautiful Aspen Home

Moss is a mastermind at incorporating blue and white into the home. I especially love those red velvet ottomans!  Her home is not a typical “mountain-decked-in-plaid-house” which is probably why I am drawn to it.

View in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

A room with a view.

Lots of Blue and White in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Another view of those red ottomans.

Wood Paneling in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Gorgeous woodwork in this paneled den. A truly timeless home.

Dining Room in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Tablescape in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

I love the fresh simplicity of the dining room. Not overly formal and full of natural light.

Beautiful Tapestry in Charlotte Moss' Aspen House

A gorgeous tapestry goes all the way up the wood planked ceiling. A tapestry is a great way to fill a space if you want to avoid another gallery wall or lack a nice large piece of art.

Vingette in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

Moss ties-in blue and white every chance she gets!

Living Room in Charlotte Moss' Aspen House

A perfect home in the winter or summer.

Guest Roon 2 in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

A guest bedroom. I love the light fixture and two large beds.

Guest room in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Ticking on the walls makes for a smart and classic bedroom. The leopard pillow on the bed adds a feminine and soft touch.

Antique Desk in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Green Hallway in Charlotte Moss' ASpen Home

Windows are ideally placed in order to prevent this home from looking dark and somber. This gorgeous green hallway is nice and wide.

Master Bedroom in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

The master bedroom. Clean, refined, and elegant. Clever how Moss has her bed posts resembling tree branches.

Dressing Room in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

This fur throw adds a punch of deep color and texture to this soft master bathroom.

Charlotte Moss on her Aspen Patio

Charlotte Moss sitting on her patio. Are you ready for winter? I would be if I could call this home.

See y’all tomorrow for more contemporary mountain design.  As always, follow me on instagram for up-to-date Colorado pictures.