Author Julia Reed’s Magnificent New Orleans Mansion

By: Emmy Berg

New Orleans – the land of wrought iron fences, hot jambalaya (Mrs. Doubtfire pun intended), swanky jazz music, and of course, beignets. But for the sake of this post and all things classically “New Orleans”, we will focus on the ironwork aesthetic.

Whether it be a stroll through the French Quarter, your favorite restaurants and bars, or the magnificent hotels that line the streets, the iron fences are an architectural staple that cannot be missed.

Although most buildings share certain elements in common, NOLA offers an array of structural designs. Ranging from the historic grand homes on St. Charles Avenue, the classic creole cottages, two-story townhomes, and of course timeless southern plantations.

But one of my favorites and TPB approved home in this iconic city is the effortlessly elegant white house in the Garden District that formerly belonged to author Julia Reed. The two-storied, large balconied home is the perfect balance of southern charm and modern influence.

The casual, airy layout of the home compliments the more traditional and formal décor. Large spacious rooms are filled with beautiful artwork and allow for the perfect backdrop for entertaining. One of the best features of the home is its exterior. Gorgeous landscape surrounds the entire house to ensure its rightful place in New Orleans’ Garden District.

Photos by William Waldron for Elle Decor and Pail Costello for Southern Living.


The famous white house on First Street.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.40.51 PM


Traditional New Orleans wrought iron fence secures this upper-level porch.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.44.34 PM

Julia Reed NOLA

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The talented author Julia Reed.

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