Beach Beautiful

It is safe to say that green is my favorite color. That is why it is no surprise I always find myself attracted to green shuttered homes. This Rosemary Beach home designed by Spitzmiller & Norris would look wonderful in any state, but it has a southern sophistication that elevated it from a typical beach house.

The details are truly what sets this home apart. Everything has just the right scale and sense of comfort. The attention to architectural design is abundant and inspiring. I love that this doesn’t scream beach house. Instead, it just states good taste.


Photographed by Erica George Dines for

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

121012_weeks_spitzmillernorris_egd_014-464x640This image really draws you in. The shutters add so much personality, as well as the large columns.



Look at the woodwork on the ceilings. Truly a work of superior craftsmanship.

A great use of brick and wood  finishes throughout.