Beyond the Curb with Lucinda Buford

The moment I met the darling family who lived in this historic home, I knew it had to be a tour on The Potted Boxwood.  I am actively involved in Preservation Park Cities, alongside Dallas real estate agent Lucinda Buford.  She was kind enough to take us through this incredible University Park home that was thoughtfully designed by the talented Bonnie Jones.

From the moment you walk in, you are enveloped with layered texture and lush tones of color and neutrals. Nothing is overpowering, yet at every corner the home is intriguing. Lucinda Buford is a vibrant guide as she invites us in room by room. She even hosted a Preservation Park Cities party at the estate, which was a celebration of a young family cherishing a piece of architectural history! Thank you Lucinda and the Cocklin Family for allowing us to do this tour!

See the tour here: