Breakfast Club

I must admit, I am not one to sit down and eat breakfast. I am the grab a bar and a coffee and whisk myself out the door type of girl. Perhaps if I had a beautiful breakfast room to dine in each morning, I could change my ways. What I love about breakfast rooms is that they tend to be smaller, more intimate spaces. There is also a sense of playful refinement in breakfast rooms, no need for too much formality. After all, breakfast isn’t just good, it’s great!

Here are several images that will leave you hungry for some beautiful breakfast.


An exceptoinal breakfast room via AD

It doesn’t get better than this. From the paper to the chairs, this breakfast room is hard to compete with! via AD

Chic breakfast room via Lonny Mag

Mirrored walls and punches of green. I really love the shape of the table. Via Lonny

Cynthia Frank Southampton home via Elle Decor

A breakfast space in a china room. How incredible are those potted ferns along the counter? via Elle Decor

Dining room area by Cathy Kincaid

Cathy Kincaid never disappoints with her application of blue and white and overall ultimately timeless taste.


Yellow pops on these fantastic chairs and exquisite tabletop.

Neutral breakfast room via AD

The light fixture is the real highlight here in this neutral breakfast room. via AD

Incredible Breakfast Room of Windows via Elle Decor

A breakfast room of wood beams, long banquet seating, and multiple windows. Via Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder breakfast room via Elle Decor

An image that has appeared on this blog often. The always chic look of Aerin Lauder’s breakfast room in her Manhattan home. via Elle Decor

Isaac Mizrahis Greenwich Village home via AD

A smart and sophisticated breakfast area. I love the  variation of stripes and the glass shelving. via AD

Kitch by Gil Schaefer via Elle Decor

An eclectic eating area off of this kitchen. Actually, what I love about this room is that the fridge is separated from the main area. The two doors add a great architectural element of symmetry. via Elle Decor

Miles Redd breakfast room via AD

Miles Redd always uses the most sophisticated palettes of color. I love this room so much, the chairs are undoubtedly my favorite. via AD

Thomas Britt Breakfast room via Veranda

Thomas Britt designed this sweet room. The painted walls and doors make it the most inviting space. Via Veranda

Sweer Breakfast room via AD

How amazing is the detail on the ceiling? I go back and forth on banquets, I think it depends on the space. It really works here. via AD

Sweet breakfast room

A feminine and elegant dining area. Marble top tables always add a splash of glamour.

Breafast room by Michael S. Smith

Michael S. Smith masters the art of intimate dining in this room. By the way, how superb is the top of the doorway?! via AD