Bunny Williams: Love Affairs with Houses


I think we can all agree on one thing: Bunny knows best. Bunny Williams has long established herself as a lead designer of all things chic. So, when she writes a new book, we should take note. Love Affairs with Houses is a true visual stunner and it should also be a top design resource. She shares anecdotes and advice, making it a go-to source of design knowledge.

The thing is, many design books are pretty, without being useful or useful without being pretty. Much like Bunny’s interiors, this book is a perfect combination of both. She exposes great ideas and design philosophies that are incredibly insightful. “I tend to prefer simple palettes because art inevitably introduces color- and I feel that art should always stand out.” Her advice is invaluable, which makes this book equally invaluable. Shouldn’t we all be so fortunate to live in the era of Bunny Williams.


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photos by:
Fritz von der Schulenburg
Melanie Acevedo
Paul Costello
Carter Berg


LoveAffairsWithHouses_p016 Bunny is never afraid of pattern and color, but also never overwhelms a space.
A beautiful vignette.
LoveAffairsWithHouses_p119 A room to stand the test of time. The floors are divine.
Her designs are layered, comfortable, and effortless.
LoveAffairsWithHouses_p216 A well-made kitchen with the perfect infusion of tiled pattern.