California Redd

Every now and then I come across a home that makes me think,  “I wouldn’t change a thing.” This moment is very rare. Most homes I love, but yet there are certain aspects that would need some tweaking (a different fabric here or a different chair there). However, this home by Miles Redd from last month’s AD needs no tweaking. Basically, I am ready to pack up and move in.

Redd is known for bold colors and unimaginably chic pairings in decor, yet this California home is slightly more reserved than his usual projects. It is just the right combination of timeless lines, pops of color, and luscious pattern. This home embodies warmth and every bit of sophistication, as well as a longing for me to turnkey.

Interior design by Miles Redd , landscaping by Elizabeth Everdell Garden Design and architecture by Charlie Barnettis.  All photos via Architectural Digest

Redd California Home 2

incredibly charming and scaled to perfection, despite being over 11,000 square feet.

Redd California Home 3

A classic mix of fabric in a room that incorporates modern art and soft blues. Plus look at that fireplace!

Redd California Home 9

An almost tropical ambience in this solarium. It would be the ideal place to read a magazine in the afternoon (but who has time for that?). Very approachable.

Redd California Home 13

I am really head over heels for this kitchen. This is an ideal family house. The dutch door and pop of blue in the lighting keeps things interesting. Note the open shelving under the cabinets!

Redd California Home 1

The grounds of this home are beyond breathtaking! Elizabeth Everdell is a master of her green thumb.

Redd California Home 10


The jewel tone curtains against the flawless de Gourney wallpaper set the perfect mood. Very stately and classic in application.

Redd California Home 12

This is so Miles. Unexpected pop of lacquer in this luxe bar.

Redd California Home 14


A wood panelled room can often be a turn off to me, but this is finished with such detail.

Redd California Home 16

My favorite color trio-blue, green. and white. This is perfection in every way. I feel like this is a room where you can just dream happy. No nightmares aloud.

Redd California Home 8

The landscaping. Endless hearts for eyes emojis.

Redd California Home 19

An eloquent master retreat. Neutrals, antiques, and a canopied bed. Look at the ceiling too!

Redd California Home 7

This architecture will last a lifetime. It never goes out of style.

Redd California Home 5

Can I get my keys yet?