Calling All Gardeners (And Wannabes)

Last week I went to the launch party of an amazing new website called Gardenuity that literally makes gardening fool proof. As much as I would like to say I am an expert gardener, I definitely could use some help. For example, what will the weather be like later- rain or freeze, hot or humid? How much water, sun or shade does it need? Gardenuity alerts you when your plant needs watering, how much sun it should have, or if it is time to cover it for a freeze. You simply can’t mess up your plants because they simply won’t let you!

Another great perk of the website is the ability to buy herbs and vegetables for yourself or as a gift for friends. They come chicly designed in bamboo planters with compost and a cute orange scoop. Honestly, an amazing gift for the holidays. Even if you live in an urban apartment or any space without green space, you can be a gardener. If that isn’t enough, they even email you recipe ideas for the herbs and vegetables purchased. Instead of buying fresh rosemary at the store, why not just pick some from your own collection?  I am a true fan of this amazing concept.

Being a little green feels good and having a little green tastes even better.


purchase an herb box HERE

purchase a veggie box HERE

Gardenuity 4 These fresh herbs come perfectly packaged in bamboo containers with fresh compost. I literally used my fresh rosemary from it last night while cooking. Gardenuity 5

Is this not the most ideal gift for the person who has everything, or the person who doesn’t have any space to plant? I adore the packaging.

Gardenuity 3

The bamboo containers go with every style.

Gardenuity 6 Another great concept. Rows of seeds perfectly spaced out for planting. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get any easier to be a gardener with GardenuityGardenuity 2 Beets, Carrots, Tomatoes? It is that simple. The perfect way to plant. Also, how great are the rolling planters?


The complete and beautifully packaged set up. Gardenuity 9

Gardenuity 7 All fresh herbs and vegetables at the opening of Gardenuity’s office space.