Charmin’ Charleston

By: Emmy Berg

Known for its quintessential charm, Southern Hospitality and delicious cuisine, Charleston, South Carolina is home to some of the most beautifully historic homes south of the Mason Dixon.

Quaint streets lined with two or three storied homes sets the scene for a picture perfect destination.

Whether you favor the classic Charlestonian brick, wood frame, or stucco, this vivacious city has it all.

Head toward the Battery on the Charleston harbor and every direction you’ll find classic homes that showcase one of Charleston’s most unique features, the double-decker porches.

These staples, more traditionally known as piazzas, face south or west in order to capture the breeze. They also have another common feature, “haint blue” paint coated on the ceilings. This light blue color is said to warn off ghosts, negative spirits, and insects from entering the home.

Covered porches are only one of many traditional “Charleston” features. More include, the classic “Charleston green” color, hinged shutters that come in a variety of colors and sizes, ironwork, porte-cochères, and historic wood paneling.

Whether you’re taking a carriage ride down East Bay, strolling through the Market, or shopping along King Street, this Lowcountry gem is home to some of the most picture-perfect houses that maintain the city’s rich history.

Photos by Emmy Berg for The Potted Boxwood.





The classic Charlestonian brick & “Charleston green.”


Light blue paint on many of the porch ceilings.