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Many of you following here for a long time have known that this sweet, little blog of mine is not my full time job, although, it does keep looking more and more like that is going to change, I’ve always kept my two worlds very separate, since they are very different. If I showed you my drive to work, you wouldn’t be saying that is “chic in Dallas.” You would feel compelled to get involved and do some good.

There is one Dallas blogger for whom I was happily ready to share my story. Lee Cordon of Do Say Give runs a beautiful blog. It is full of wonderful ideas, tips, and has a heavy focus on raising children in a timeless way. You won’t see her promoting sassy books or violent video games. Instead, she focuses on what is good, true, and beautiful in the lives of our children. She started a Classic Children’s Summer Book Club that I would join in two seconds if I had little ones. The fact that she asked me to speak on nature in children’s literature was an honor. Such an honor, that I happily revealed my job, which is equally my other passion.


What does a design blogger with no kids know about children’s literature and learning? Well,  actually a lot.

SIGN UP and find out!


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In the meantime, enjoy these precious photos of Lee and her girls


Do Say Give

Do Say Give

Do Say Give

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