Circle The Correct Answer

Shapes. They seem like a concept fit for Kindergarten, but they are a crucial element in the world of design. Shapes add dimension, depth, and intrigue to a home.  While straight lines are playing it safe, sometimes it is nice to add a circular component. Circular entries are a personal favorite of mine, whether it is a circular shape or a circular table in the foyer. There is no better shape when making an entrance into a home.

Not everything in life is a straight shoot, so enjoy these images that add a circular sentiment to any piece of design. Trust me, it is the right answer.


Alex Papachristdis vacation home via AD

An aerial view of a circular entry surrounded by a circular staircase in the Hamptons by Alex Papachristdis. Via AD

circular entry via Veranda

A circular rug adds a great bit of warmth to this dark stained foyer. Via Veranda

Ellen DeGeneres Home via AD

Ellen DeGeneres has a worldly circular element in her home. I think the shelves add such a nice casual ambience. Via AD

Frederic Mechiche via Elle Decor

This home encompasses gorgeous display art and such a deep and intriguing wall color. Via Elle Decor.

Laura Hunt Entry via Ritxz Residences


Laura Hunt designed this entry for the residences at the Ritz Carlton Dallas. I love the striped wallpaper. Via Glampad

circular entry via AD


A black and white floor is very effective in this circular foyer. I love how each offshoot in circular rooms adds a sense of direction and purpose. Via AD.

Tory Burch Circular Entry


Of course, my always favorite entry is Tory Burch’s apartment in New York City. You can’t beat the flooring, the gracie, and the beautiful blue lamps.