Collaborations by Ferguson & Shamanian Architects


I believe that when you see quality architecture, it can stand alone in warmth and beauty without a single decor item added to the home. Of course, when the interior design and landscape is uniquely woven into the architectural style of the home, it can be incredibly magical. Whenever I think of truly outstanding architecture, Ferguson & Shamanian is always first to mind. That is why I couldn’t be more excited about their gorgeous new book Collaborations: Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes. It is a treasure trove of their beautiful architectural projects all across the country.

The book highlights fourteen architectural projects and details the collaborative work and vision that goes into the process of making visions come to life in all aspects. You will certainly recognize some of the fabulous designers involved like, Michael S. Smith, Bunny Williams, and Victoria Hagan to name a few.

Here is a preview of Collaborations: Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes, as well as a few quotes from Principal Architect Andrés Blanco. This new book would make a wonderful gift for any design minded friend, or just for your own creative pleasure.

You can pre-order the book: HERE


“The secret of collaboration is communication. As designers and makers, we must communicate our vision to others. We are lucky to be able to communicate in so many ways – by drawing, speaking, writing, showing and telling – and our new book captures this process through the stories of our projects.”

– Principal Andrés Blanco

“Collaboration becomes magical when everyone goes all in. It’s important to know your role and skills, but by doing a project all together, with every player–from the architect to the interior designer to the landscape architect–bringing their talent and creativity to the table, everyone brings out the best in each other. A quiet ego and receptive mind can work wonders when collaborating. We are lucky to work with not only the best design minds, but also good people, and I find that I am often besotted by the talent of our collaborators. Every project we do is different than the last and that’s the beauty of it – no collaboration is ever the same, nor should it be. After all, if the client is the most important collaborator then the project should be theirs, which means it’s an original.”

– Principal Andrés Blanco