Covered In Moss

Several years ago, I went to New York City with my parents and close family friends. After a couple of pomegranate margaritas at Rosa Mexicana, we wondered into Charlotte Moss’ townhouse. No, we didn’t actually go into her gorgeously groomed NYC home, but instead into her three floored store that was full of the most beautiful items I have ever laid eyes upon. Luckily my mom and her friend snapped up a couple of lovely things, since the store closed a few years after.

It was this trip that truly sparked my love of Charlotte Moss, her classic style that I tried to assimulate and was often criticized for as a freshman in college. While my style has now evolved into a collected mix, there is much to be admired about Charlotte Moss’ classic approach to interiors. I think her exteriors are worthy of a timeless tribute. In 2013, Veranda featured the gardens of her East Hampton estate. They are flawlessly groomed and carefully planned, with a touch of whimsy that Charlotte so effortlessly puts into everything she graces.

All images of Charlotte Moss’ garden are from the  2013 issue of Veranda.

Charlotte Moss Garden Via Veranda 3


Potted steps down to the pool. Do you see how nothing is overly manicured, but maintains a casual elegance?

Charlotte Moss Garden Via Veranda 4

A perfect blue and white hammock and garden stool. I would love to be sipping champagne there. So blissfully serene!


Charlotte Moss Garden Via Veranda 2

Three tiered potted plants!! Have you seen anything like it? SO clever and in awe of it all.

Charlotte Moss Garden Via Veranda 5

A perfect canopy for an afternoon lunch. This will look good 200 years from now- timeless taste!

Charlotte Moss Garden Via Veranda 6

The pool area. Crisp white loungers make for a heavenly setting. I am loving the trend of pots by the pool. I think it looks very seamless.

Charlotte Moss Garden Via Veranda

A great mix of greens.

Charlotte Moss in her Garden Via Veranda

Charlotte Moss…She really does have a flair for living!