Daigh Rick Landscape Architects

Daigh Rick Lanscape 6

After visiting a friend in Nashville, I was heading to the airport and asked her to stop in front of a gate. To the untrained eye, it would be just any gate in a wall, but in my view it let me know that something very intriguing was behind it. I posted it to instagram on a whim, only to feel the agreement and support of all of my followers on just how beautiful it really is.

The world is small, because the next thing I knew the fabulous landscape team behind this project graciously shared more photos of the gorgeous garden. Daigh Rick Lansdcape Architects clearly had the vision to create  “A sophisticated Nashville residence filled with intimate courtyards and French inspired design.” I think you will find everything from the Jackson Vine above the garage to the perfectly hedged boxwood the ideal mix for an outdoor oasis.


Daigh Rick Landscape Architects 

photos by Leslee Mitchell


Daigh Rick Lanscape 10
The beautiful gate with the hanging lantern.

Daigh Rick Lanscape 16

I love this entry. I am obsessed with shutters flanking the door, as well as the potted boxwood.


Daigh Rick Lanscape 7

The garage door opens up on both sides [the driveway & the courtyard side].


Daigh Rick Lanscape 4 Daigh Rick Lanscape 5Gorgeous from every angle.
Daigh Rick Lanscape 1Love the jackson vine around the garage.
Daigh Rick Lanscape 8
Daigh Rick Lanscape 9Beautiful espalier.
Daigh Rick Lanscape 11
Daigh Rick Lanscape 13
Daigh Rick Lanscape 15
Gorgeous garden gate