Dallas In The Light

Everything is bigger in Texas. I am sure you have heard it, and perhaps even scoffed at it. However, the longer I live here in Dallas, the more I find it to be true. Dallas does little things in big ways, and often with great style. I am always reminded about how awe inspiring the city can be whenever the holidays roll around. Dallas celebrates Christmas in such a way that it is hard to compete. I am not talking about how many lights and blow-up santas one can fit in a yard, but how to tastefully convey the spirit of Christmas with maximum impact (and…well…. LOTS of LIGHTS).

The lights in Dallas are something to see. There is No Branch Left Behind when it comes to the decor of the landscape and exterior. The lights are vibrant, spirited, and abundant. I wanted to share these pictures I took in order to remind you during this often “hectic” time of year, that there truly is beauty to appreciate down to every last strand.

Have a great weekend!

No captions today, so just enjoy the sheer magic and beauty of the season (and the homes!).

IMG_8033  IMG_8077IMG_8035


IMG_8037  IMG_8039

IMG_8040  IMG_8042   IMG_8069

IMG_8072  IMG_8074 IMG_8076

IMG_8083 IMG_8085 IMG_8087




IMG_8096  IMG_8098

IMG_8100   IMG_8107




IMG_8111   IMG_8115


IMG_8118  IMG_8120 IMG_8121