Daniel C. Cuevas

I love hearing names that I don’t instantly recognize, it means that I am about to get inspired (or un-inspired) by someone new. Daniel C. Cuevas is a L.A. designer whose name I did not know until recently. His work is slightly more minimal than what I usually post, but it is still awe-inspiring and full of details that are intricately simplified.

His design compliments the architecture of the home.  Every component within his work is finished out with great thought and immaculate application. It makes you feel you could get away with wearing all white yoga clothes year round (my kind of home!). Fresh, bold, and undeniably divine. Maybe less is more…at least for Today.

Happy Monday!


Daniel C. Cuevas architecture via Veranda

The backyard of a stunning L.A. home. The landscaping at many of the homes he designs is just remarkable.  Via Veranda


Daniel C. Cuevas architecture

Cuevas really does do an excellent job at complimenting the architecture

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture6

That large industrial picture window is phenomenal. Cuevas clearly kept that the focal point with his shades of gray and hints of soft yellow.

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture3

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture4

He uses modern art and mixes periods of design. Never to be overdone.

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture5

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture7

I love the dining room (not just because of the well displayed boxwoods). The skirted end chair and french style chairs add a softer element to the modern art and cool neutrals.

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture8

Beautiful mix of black and blue. A chic and sleek display of books.

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture10

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture11

This is perfection. Love the floor and the round table within the bathroom.

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture18

A loggia off of the pool area. Gorgeous mirrored arches reflect the indoor/outdoor space.

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture12

The architecture of this home is beyond. Enjoy some exterior images!

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture13

What a fantastic gray color. The whole home has a courtyard type feel. The home really reflects the outdoors through the use of windows and doors.

Daniel C. Cuevas architecture17

Daniel C. Cuevas via AD

Sweet arched french doors off of a well landscaped pool area. Via AD Russia