Dee Best

We all need a bit of glamorous and stylish fun, that is exactly what L.A. interior designer Dee Murphy infused into a pre-war apartment in the West Village. Her interview in Lonny was impressive, as she describes how she designed this swanky and timeless space all via e-design. I have always had some doubts about how e-design works, reason being I feel you need to walk through, touch, and spend time in a space before truly understanding what it needs. However, Murphy used her stylish sensibility and intuition to create a space that combined all of her client’s aspirations wrapped into an ideal vision of laid back chic and feminine flirty.

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All photos by Jenny J. Norris via Lonny

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 2

Gorgeous Anna Spiro wallpaper in this eclectic hallway. A mix of an old world rug, blue and white umbrella holder, and more modern entry table. The mirror makes for tons of fun!

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 8

Another view of the entry.

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 3

A wonderful arrangement of shelving filled with books and objects of interest. I love the mix of pattern which makes the white pop!

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 4

A more panoramic view of the room. Lots of  natural light makes for a happy and chicly comfortable space.

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 5

A mix of gallery prints. I love the wall color with the white molding.

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 6

A closer look at the table and leopard chairs. The firewood is a nice touch of texture. Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 7

This is all anyone really needs in a kitchen! Classic black and white flooring with subways tiles and white marble top.