Dior & His Decorators

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I’ve always held a soft spot for Christian Dior, not just because we have the same initials (CD), but for the joy I remember in wearing his silky nightgowns when I was a little girl. I recognized how truly special they made me feel.  Despite my personal love of Dior, it is safe to say that everyone recognizes Christian Dior as a name that is iconic in luxury fashion. It comes as no surprise that his interiors were just as luxurious. From store fronts to his personal residences, Dior used designers Victor Grandpierre and Georges Geffroy to create worldly interiors and unabashedly chic ambiences.

Interior design historian Maureen Footer captures the story of Dior & His Decorators with incredible detail and insightful commentary. The imagery and history of Dior’s career and decorators are beautifully intertwined. This is truly one of my most favorite new coffee table books out on the market. It is the perfect reminder that fashion and interiors can truly be timeless.

Enjoy this preview of Dior & His Decorators:

Victor Grandpierre, Georges Geffroy, and The New Look

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Could you imagine waking up in a bedroom decorated in this yummy fabric?


Dior and His Decorators 21


His stores still hold the same iconic look. Elegantly designed with the perfect amount of restraint.


Dior and His Decorators 26


Dior grey should be a shade if it isn’t already…


Dior and His Decorators 22


True opulence. Just look at that tub.


Dior and His Decorators 23


Another dreamy bedroom. For such high ceilings, there is so much warmth. Interesting how the bedside tables are turned on a slant.
Dior and His Decorators 20


This pictures is the perfect representation of the Dior brand.


Dior and His Decorators 24
The perfectly appointed daybed.This timeless look is still relevant today.