Dressed To The Nines

Turning ninety is no small feat. My grandmother will be celebrating her big 9-0 this weekend in North Carolina. The town she lives in is quite lovely and immensely full of southern charm. The homes are visions in white clapboard, painted shutters, and picket fences. Surrounded by fresh pines, the landscape is splashed with green and vibrant flowers. To give you a glimpse, I thought I would share my post from this time last year. After all, I have many new boxwood friends and I would hate for you to miss these timeless, tasteful homes in the land of the pines. Be sure to check instagram for more up to the minute pictures!


Land Of The Pines

Anytime you call the Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst, North Carolina they answer the phone saying, “It’s a beautiful day in Pinehurst!” Rain, sunshine, or snow, their greeting remains the same. It is hard for this small golfing community to think the day should be anything other than beautiful, especially when surrounded by towering pines, chic boutiques, and charming homes. I may be bias considering I come here at least twice a year to visit my grandmother and some extended family. Nevertheless, Pinehurst has a chic Southern ambience that would make any visitor readily planning their next trip back.

While golfing is the real draw (The US Open was just hosted here), I look forward to seeing the picturesque cottage homes that evoke the feeling you will be welcome through every door. However this weekend I am not quite sure anyone would have invited me into their home, since I was the girl sitting shot-gun in my cousin’s car and pointing my camera in their direction. I just had to share with y’all the sweet charm of Pinehurst homes.

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Pinehurst Resort in NC

The front drive of the Carolina Hotel & Resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina.  Pine trees are everywhere!

Green front door with rocking chairs

So many sweet plankboard homes on every corner. Many are named and adorned with rocking chairs, pretty window boxes, and an American flag.

White house with black shutters and American Flag

House with lush lanscaping in Pinehurst

While it may not photograph well from my vantage point, this house is one of my favorites. I love the lush yard and landscaping.

White home with lush lanscaping in Pinehurst

Another view.

White home with great landscaping in NC

garage in Pinehust

White home with black shutters in Pinehurst

White Home in Pinehurst NC

White brick with blue shutters in Pinehurst

Love a white house with pretty blue shutters.

Victorian home in Pinehurst

A little victorian cottage near the village.

White House with Black Shutters in Pinehurst NC Side gate in Pinehurst

Yellow home in Pinehurst NC White house with large columns in Pinehurst

White House with Blue Shutters in Pinehurst NC

Red brick with green shutters pinehurst

The Thistle Dhu House in Pinehurst

This house named Thistle Dhu was built in 1919 by James Barber of Barber Steamship Links of New York. Barber built the first ever miniature golf course on his property and called it Thistle Dhu, which was translated into the phrase “This’ll Do.” Fun Fact!

House with Red Roof in NC

Red brick home with ivy on the house

Love this one!

nantucket style house in Pinehurst

Has a little Hamptons/Nantucket feel to it.

Light yellow home with wood glass front door

Red brick home with black shutters

light blue front door with flag

Sweet blue front door.

Large White House in Pinehurst

Large Boxwoods at house in NC

Hedges and white flowers in Pinehurst

Gated front entry in Pinehurst

Gate with house name in Pinehurst

I loved this gate!

Driveway in Pinehurst

A long drive to another gorgeous white home.

Brick home with black glass front door

blue shutter front door

Blue House in Pinehurst  Black front door with window boxes

Pinehurst NC trees

A typical drive in Pinehurst. The air here is so clean, crisp, and refreshing. Many wealthy families would come here because they believed the pine trees could cure any ailment.

Downtown Pinehurst

The village of Pinehurst. It is full of wonderful home stores, boutiques, and restaurants with the best sweet tea. Nearby Southern Pines also has wonderful shopping!

Manolia 61 in Pinehurst 3

Magnolia 61– A fun and fabulous boutique that opened in November!

Magnolia 61 in Pinehurst

Magnolia 61 in Pinehurst 2

Great paintings by local artists.

Furbish Studio Raliegh

When going to Pinehurst, we always fly into Raleigh. They have the most amazing boutique, Furbish Studio. Reasonably priced with amazingly chic and colorful home accessories.

Photos By Christina Dandar For The Potted Boxwood