Early to Bed

I am a morning person. I like to get up early and workout, turn on the Today show (I tried GMA for a week, it just didn’t work out), and browse through my favorite blogs with coffee all before 8 a.m.! Apparently that is the old me. Currently I am a night owl, up until 3 a.m. researching items for the blog and reading often mindless articles. Believe it or not, you can’t be a morning person or a night owl if you don’t somehow manage to get decent sleep. Well you technically could, but I have seen how those people prematurely age and no amount of La Mer can save them! No thank you!

I am going to try to re-establish my early to rise routine again, which means I need to start going early to bed. Those who receive The Potted Boxwood fresh in your email each morning will likely still be in bed while reading this post. It is to you I apologize, for these images will make you want to do anything but get out of bed. Below you will find some beautiful bedrooms that create a sanctuary of sweet dreams and sleeping in.

P.S. Every bed has white sheets, yet none of these rooms look plain. Just a thought for all my non-must-use-white-linens-believers.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

-Benjamin franklin

Bedroom with monogram pillow by Pheobe Howard

Pheobe Howard Bed

One of my favorite bedrooms by Phoebe Howard. I love it’s soft simplicity and personality. I didn’t realize until I put together this post how much I adore canopy beds, but only when they are done right. Photo source: Phoebe Howard

Bedroom by Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams gives lots of texture and detail in this bedroom so beautifully adorned. Photo source: Elle Decor

Bedroom via Savvy Home Blog

A gorgeous white bed with red trim to accent the heavily wallpapered backdrop. I especially enjoy how the rug breaks it up. Photo source: Savvy Home Blog

Bedroom by Charlotte Moss

I love how Charlotte Moss makes this bed the ultimate centerpiece!

Bedroom by Meg Braff via House Beautiful

Meg Braff uses a neutral nude shade for the wallpaper that allows the fresh white to pop. Perfect for a coastal room that wants to emulate sand over water. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Bedroom by Miles Redd via Elle decor

Heavenly blue and white, or as Mark D. Sikes always says #blueandwhiteforever. Photo source: Elle Decor

Alidad Lindon Apartment via Elle Decor

A very perfectly upholstered tufted headboard in Alidad‘s London apartment gives this bedroom sophistication, while still being understated and peaceful. Photo source: Elle Decor

Bedroom by Miles Redd via Mark D Sikes Blog

There is my favorite shade of green! The orange headboard and gallery wall give the bedroom a less predictable feel. Of course Miles Redd is anything but predictable!  Photo source: Mark D. Sikes

Bedroom by Nicky Haslam Design via website

Nicky Haslam created the ideal chic and cozy space with this sweet bedroom. I am ready to hop in bed and close those curtains! Photo source: Nicky Haslam

Bedroom by Sister Parish

Sister Parish designed this soft and timeless bedroom. What a serene and heavenly space.

Kelli Ford Southhampton in Veranda

I can’t get enough of this Southampton home designed by Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford. The purple monogramed pillows add a wonderful pop of color to the white room. More to come on this colorful home later in the week! Photo source: Veranda

Bedroom via Chinoierie Chic

Moving on to more monograms. I love the green, white, and blue combination in this bedroom. Not to mention the butterfly detail on the walls and pillow. Lovely!! Designer: Ruthie Sommers. Photo source: Town & Country on Chinoiserie Chic

bedroom via Cote de Texas

I love the size of this bedroom and the fantastic amount of light. It is fresh, refined, chic and timeless. Design is by the excellent Windsor Smith Photo source: Cote de Texas

gorgeous bedroom by Miles Redd

If I had to start a fan page, it would probably be for Miles Redd (and Mark D. Sikes)- Please don’t worry I am not that creepy!  His work is just so inspiring, fresh, and total perfection. This gorgeous room is no exception! His execution of color, patters, and texture is flawless. Just look at the floors and the wallpaper, and look how well it works together! Genius!

Cote de Texas Bedroom

Out of all the pictures today, I want to be in this room. It is just so pretty, inviting, and elegant. Designer: Unknown (any thoughts?). Photo source: Pinterest

Gorgeous Bed via House Beautiful

I am honestly stunned at myself for how many beds I have chosen with curtained canopies. I really do love the use of fabric and in a bedroom. It is the perfect way to frame a bed. Designed by Albert Hadley and Harry Heissmann.  Photo source: House Beautiful

Gorgeous bed with leopard bench

This is simply fabulous. I would like a leopard ottoman at the end of my bed!

Bedroom with mirrored wall via the endchanted home

I really do like this room, I just have mixed emotions towards a mirrored wall in a bedroom. It undoubtedly opens up the room, but something about it feels…unsettling? provocative? Photo source: The Enchanted Home

Bedroom with fabric designed canopy via Elle Decor

An excellent bedroom featured in Elle Decor. I love the upholstered top of the canopy bed. Why not stare up at a pretty fabric?

Amanda Nisbet Bedroom in Veranda

The color in this room by Amanda Nisbet is abundant, yet not overwhelming. Fantastically appointed and designed. Photo source: House Beautiful

Jim Howard Bedroom in Veranda

Who doesn’t want to sleep under a canopy bed of white voile? Especially in the summer, this bedroom by Jim Howard is perfect for an afternoon nap in the breeze. Hopefully you can squeeze one in today! Photo source: House Beautiful