Friday Favorites: Travel Edition

I recently went on a wonderful girls’ trip with some close friends. One of the best things about trips like that is seeing what products everyone uses and loves. We were sharing our favorite things daily and the coolest part was we are all vastly different in age! I shared these products with my instagram followers, but thought it would be nice to put all in one spot.

I have a full recap blog post of the trip coming up, as well as a few home tours in the works! I can’t wait to share more with you all this summer!

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So my friend Jennifer won with the best travel outfit. So comfortable, yet she didn’t look sloppy.  This was the top and the pant. See picture below.

Everyone fangirled over my lip gloss. The prettiest hues and lasting color, while also being super moisturizing.

These gold strappy sandals are under $80 and a must have for summer! I get so many compliments on them.

Jennifer had this PH balanced antibacterial spray that purifies the skin. We sprayed throughout our travel days. Will be great in the hot summer too!

My friend Amity brought this tinted sunscreen-it is one color, yet managed to work on all of our skin tones and textures. Goes on very lightweight and doesn’t break you out or dry you out. 


My trusted travel bag. It was packed to the brim and worked on ryan air because it was soft sided. The other girls had to pay for their carry-ons. 

This dry shampoo was amazing and had the most lovely scent. The best I have ever used. 

Jennifer also used this cleanser which we all adored. It beautifully takes off make-up.

Each night we used my bronzer, contour stick, and highlighter. It really adds a punch to the makeup routine.

These were the favorite hotel sheets of trip and used at Christian Louboutins hotel. 


Also, this is the perfect wedge and height! Very comfortable and comes in three colorways.

My crossbody bag for travel. Generously sized, good looking, zippered, and UNDER $80!

This bag is a more elevated alternative that is equally great for travel.

I have had these suitcases for years. Not only do they roll so nicely, they are durable!

My go-to white jeans at the moment. 

The best adapter! We all used it to plug in our phones. 

I bought this serum in Portugual on my trip. It is made in the Azores and backed by science, I use it in the morning and love how it makes my skin feel. This body oil also smells and feels amazing!

Jennifer has a few dresses from this brand that she packed on the trip. Lightweight silk that didn’t wrinkle and takes up zero space in the suitcase. All of us are also a fan of this brand that makes great cotton dresses for travel.



A few snaps of the trip! Full itinerary and review will be posted Monday. 


I highly recommend traveling with a group of fun easy friends. Jennifer (middle) is wearing the great lightweight, non wrinkled dress here.

The travel outfit that made us all jealous. Very soft and breathable. Top & Pant


This is the cotton dress brand we all love!


The sheets at this hotel were amazing!