Friday Finds


Gorgeous soft colors in this rug that comes in so many sizes.

Here are some of my favorite things this Friday. Hope you enjoy these great picks and have a wonderful weekend with lots of fabulous fiestas in honor of Cinco de Mayo! I’ll be honest, I never really celebrated it before I lived in Texas (not that I need an excuse for a margarita and guacamole).
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Also, I will be doing a special Sunday post to celebrate my 50,000 instagram followers. See my sneak peek below.

Special shoutout to my friends Caroline and Sara who happen to turn 30 on the best day for margaritas and queso. Feliz Cumpleaños!


the potted boxwood 50k giveaway

I am giving away the cutest Taelor Fisher mini painting framed in honor of 50,000 instagram followers. See details on my special Sunday post!


Be sure to check out my Mother’s Day Blog Post: HERE


black planter

Really chic and well made black planter. Perfect for boxwood! 30% off


This gorgeous mirror is 30% off.

Black Chest

I am a firm believer that every room needs a touch of black to keep a little sophistication. This chest is really well done!


Love the pattern on this pillow.

White and Gold Hexagon Lamps

I adore the shape, as well as the pretty contrast of white and gold on this lamp.

lemon tray

Perfect summer tray of lemons. 

Balboa Armchair

Chic Armchair great for a dining table or any nook or space.


Wisteria Pendant

My breakfast light fixture is just my favorite thing!

Antiqued Mirror Coffee Tabe

I am a big fan of antiqued mirrors. I am convinced nothing reflects light more beautifully. I am on the hunt for a new coffee table, and this is a definite contender. 25% off

Sofa with stripes

My mom doesn’t quite know it, but I am plotting to redo some of her outdoor living area. This sofa is a definite contender. She has iron by the ocean water, which hasn’t worn well with the salty air.