Fuel The Fire

With cooler days upon us (hello arctic blast coming this week), I am craving a nice fire. Having a mantle in many a room is a great way to add a stylish element of ambience and warmth. What I love most about fireplaces is that they aren’t just for living rooms. I think there is nothing quite as spectacular than finding a fire going in a dining room, bedroom, or even bathroom. Anywhere unexpected.

Whether there is a fireplace on during an intimate dinner party or softly burning in a contemporary bathroom, fireplaces add an architectural element that allows for a fun pop of marble, stone, or brick. It can make a cold room cozy and bring tall rooms down to scale. Here are some fun fires that will have you wishing for one in every room.


A dreamy kitchen with a brick oven fire via Elle Decor

A fun flair of brick with this functional fireplace in the kitchen. What an interesting talking point. Photo source: Elle Decor

A fireplace in the bedroom of Cindy Crawfor designed by Michael S Smith via Elle Decor

A subtle and serene fireplace in Cindy Crawford’s bedroom designed by Michael S. Smith. Photo source: Elle Decor

Calming and Inviting via Veranda

Lovely light and lots of white would be so beautifully reflected with a fire. Photo source: Veranda

Dining room with a fireplace in a NY home by Gil Schafer

A traditional dining area with a brick lined fireplace in this New York home by Gil Schafer. Photo source: AD

Eclectic and Comfy design around this fireplace via Elle Decor

A wall of fireplace creates an eclectic and comfortable room. Photo source: Elle Decor

Feminine and Chic fun via Elle Decor

Feminine and chic gallery wall and splendid mantle over this candlelit fire. Photo source: Elle Decor

Fireplace in the Boxwood estate in Nashville

A repeat on the blog and one of my favorites. The lovely fireplace in the Boxwood estate designed by David Netto. Photo source: Veranda

Fireplace in the entry of Net-a-porter founders London home via AD

Why not put the fireplace in the entry? A truly warm welcome in this London home. Photo source: AD

Lovely and Traditional fireplace in dining room via Veranda

Again, a classic dining room that can only have more delicate warmth with a burning fire. Photo source: Veranda

Rela Gleason bathroom fireplace via AD

A cool space with a black lined fire and rugs of warm texture by Rela Gleason. Photo source: AD

Sleek San Fran space and fireplace in Veranda

A sleek San Fransisco living area with a short columned fireplace. Photo source: Veranda

Small fireplace in a nook featured in Veranda

A small but powerful fire. How aesthetically pleasing to walk through the door and see that! Photo source: Veranda

Fireplace in this contrasting bathroom via AD

Stunning monochrome bathroom full of lovely contrast and simplistic fire. Photo source: AD

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchens LA home via AD

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen get it right with this fantastic outdoor sitting area in their LA home via AD.