Get Schooled

School is starting for many this week, and it has me longing to go shopping for bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils (You’ve Got Mail, Anyone?). I love fresh paper products, classic gold pencils, Le Pen pens in every purse, and a personalized May Book in all of my acrylic desk top organizers. The area of paper, pens, and organization is a validation for “It is the little things that make a big difference.” There is something to be said when you feel organized by crossing off your to-do list with fresh ink, sturdy paper, and personalized flair.

While back to school shopping can be stressful, I find that when you put a twist on the traditional it will make the experience too cool for school. Happy studying!


Ballard Designs Bullitein Boards

Ballard Designs has the monopoly on the chicest bulletin and chalkboards. I own one of their bulletin boards, and it has proven to be one of the best purchases I have made to date. August to August Planners

August to August Calendars, because who really wants last spring’s planner this fall?! Available at Mixed Role Productions

Container Store orhanizer


I am a very big fan of acrylic office supplies. I think they are clean, timeless, and have a luxe look. Available at the Container Store

Le Pen BrightsLe Pen

My great-grandmother use to use only Le Pen. I find myself following her classic lead. They are fine felt tip pens that allow for seamless writing.

Day of the week sticky The Container Store

Some things aren’t worthy of an input on the ical, so I love this weekly sheet that is very easy to jot down reminders and to-dos.

Large Paper clips macaroon erasers

Oversized colorful paperclips and macaroon erasers add a punch of color to all desktops.

Notebooks from HorchowHorchow note pads


Christian Lacroix notebooks have a rich and vibrant appeal. Personalized blocks of paper are also a nice touch to jot down the weekly grocery list or send a reminder to a teacher. Available at HorchowStackingLetterHolderClear_x

More of my favorite acrylic letter holders. Available via Container Store.

Marble Cover notebook Notebook


A marble inspired notebook cover would be fantastic for anyone in the design business! I love the color spattered one as well. By Russell + Hazel

I Am Very Busy Planner via Furbish I Am Very Busy Planner

The I Am Very Busy planners are very popular for a reason. At a glance of the month, week, and year. Plus, the planners are beautifully crafted and well adorned.  Available at Furbish StudioIpad case monogrammed via Swoozies

Boatman Gellar makes fantastic notebook style Ipad covers. Wonderful for teens to college students. Available at SwooziesGuest House LAFCO candle

So this may sound crazy, but after I burn my LAFCO candles, I use the dreamy glass as pencil holders, cotton ball holders, you name it! The clear and black rim make a distinguished look and is currently my favorite means of containing.

May Books designsPink May Books Notebook

May Books are on this site often because I love them so much! They are easy, personable, and fun to design! You could make one with school colors, work labels, and all sorts of fun designs.

Monogrammed backpack via Swoozies

Marvelously monogrammed backpacks make it easy for kids to decipher what is theirs, and they are incredibly cute too! Available at Swoozies

Aztec Lunch Box

This aztec acrylic lunch box is full of personality and uniquely different! Available at Zazzle