Well, let’s get to it and let’s get shopping…

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*These are all my true recommendations- not sponsored


Parker Thatch Tote

Parker Thatch Tote

Allbirds Wool Runners

Allbirds Wool Runners

These are honestly THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoes ever! No need to even wear socks. I wear them daily.

Rebecca de Ravenel Earrings

Rebecca de Ravenel is known for her bon bon earrings, but I would say these Claudia La La Hoops make quite the statement.

Cuyana Jewelry Case

Cuyana Jewelry Case. These are beautifully made and can be monogrammed.

LAKE Pajamas

LAKE pajamas are insanely comfortable and wash beautifully.

Chloe Lauren tinsel Ballet Flat

I pretty much swear by Chloé flats, and I am lusting after these tinsel ones for my Christmas wish list. (hint, hint to those reading)

Slip Pillow Case

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase. No wrinkles, no hair crease, no problems in the morning.


KULE makes the perfect striped shirt. Washes beautifully. My go to for travel (and all occasions)


I basically live in Outdoor Voices every afternoon into evening. The Tech Sweat Leggings are ideal for working out or running errands (and covers a multitude of sins).

Om Alone Lingua Franca Sweater

Lingua Franca collaborated with Goop to make some amazing cashmere sweaters. The stitching and phrases set them apart. If you are in Dallas be sure to check out Forty Five Ten  who has them in so many fun phrases.


Bluesmart Laptop Bag

Bluesmart Laptop Bag. Track your bag, charge your phone, and enjoy the fact it is TSA friendly. This is the top notch laptop bag that is stylish and savvy.

Master Dynamic Headphones

Master Dynamic Headphones. Incredibly sleek and excellent quality. They come in different leather colors too.

Longchamp Garmet Bag

Longchamp Garment Bag. A more “suitable” way to carry your clothes.

Brackish Bowties

Brackish Bowties. These very unique feather bowties are handmade in Charleston.

Boy smell Candles

Boy Smell Candles. Yes, “boy smells” are a thing and they aren’t always bad smells. Would be a great gift for those in dorms or apartments (where real smells lurk).

Smathers&Branson Can Coolers

Smathers & Branson Can Coolers. Stitched in needlepoint, these make a great stocking stuffer.

Veja Men Black Sneaker

Veja Pierre Sneakers are incredibly stylish and chic.


JK Chocolate Microchip Cookies

THESE ARE SERIOUSLY THE BEST COOKIES EVER- JK Chocolate Microchip Cookies. They are the size of a penny (so zero guilt)  and packed with flavor. They are based in Dallas, but just now became available on Amazon. The best gift EVER and you can thank me later (preferably by sending me some).


I include August Morgan cocktail napkins every year for a reason. They make the best gifts and are beautifully packaged, so wrapping isn’t even necessary!

Moore Ink Gift Tags

My friend Margaret at Moore Ink can make beautiful calligraphy gift tags that can make great gifts, or you can use to give gifts! Contact

Twelve Nights of Wine

Twelve Nights of Wine by Vinebox

12 curated glasses from the best wine regions in the world


Inslee handpaints the most gorgeous calendars that come on chic brass stands.

Cocktail Chameleon Book

This Cocktail Chameleon book would be a sophisticated present to bring to a holiday cocktail party (would look fabulous on a bar cart)



The Story of Babar, because everyone should grow -up knowing elephants (and all animals) matter.

State Coloring Kit Bag State Coloring Kit

STATE makes amazing backpacks, but how great is this kids art folio. Crayons and paper included.

Little Nomad Playmat

The Little Nomad Foam Play Mat gives a new look to the “play room.” Super stylish, so no more primary colors to cramp your style.

Magnolia from Target Wooden Dollhouse

Hearth & Hand by Magnolia Wooden Dollhouse. May as well teach timeless style at a young age.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.33.17 PM

Balloon Elephant Money Bank. Am I too old for one?


Shop Harx Leash

Shop Harx Dog Leashes are durable and chic for the most discerning pet (I mean owner…).

At Home with Dogs and Their Designers

At Home with Dogs and their Designers features the luxe life of your favorite designer’s dogs. Plus, you can see my five year goal, which I also featured HERE.

Bark Box

Bark Box. It used to be only I got packages, but now my Emmie Pug (that is not her pictured above) has gotten in on the action. These make great gifts for the pups (and make the owner’s life easier).


Mark and Graham Acryllic Serving Trays

Mark & Graham Acrylic serving trays make for a very nice and versatile gift. I love the round one.

Fellow Kettle

This Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle sure beats the standard ones you see at big retailers. It is sleek in style and is equipped with precise technology for your flow rate and to achieve the perfect temperature.


Gardenuity allows you to send fresh herbs in chic bamboo planters.

Juliska cork Candlestick

Juliska Cork Candlestick Holder. For $39, a set of these would make a beautiful gift.

Scrapbooks by David Hicks

David Hicks Scrapbooks offers amazing insight into his world of design. See my review HERE.


Classic Architecture by Bobby McAlpine in his book Poetry of Place. Be sure to check out my review HERE

Leviating Bonsai

Levitating Bonsai Plant. It actually levitates, and I am not sure how…but this will surely get them talking.

Life At The Top

Life At The Top features the incredible apartment buildings throughout New York City.

Haute Bohemians

Haute Bohemians is an excellent book from famed photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna. See my review HERE.


Away Suitcase

The Bigger Carry-On from Away. It has a charger built right in and ample space to pack. Very durable too. Mine (with my monogram ) is pictured above.

For those who always ask- the shoes are Christian Dior and I love them because “CD” are also my initials. They are pricey, but I will link them anyway…. Christian Dior Sneakers

Parker Thatch DuffleThis Parker Thatch Duffle is perfectly stylish. The brand does very intriguing monograms on fresh styles.


I really believe that Bomba’s are the best socks. These socks would be great to travel into colder weather.

Cuyana Cape

Cuyana Alpaca Cape is totally yummy to travel in. Looking that chic deserves an upgrade.

Garrett Leight

I love the new Garrett Leight Store on Knox in Dallas, and I love their sunglasses even more. Pictured trying some on with my friend who may be slightly annoyed I posted this without asking…love ya, mean it.


The daily edited

I love the new shadow text on the iPhone cases by The Daily Edited.

Sonos with Alexa

Sonos Speaker with Alexa. These speakers produce truly phenomenal sound, and now they are capable to integrate Alexa. What more do you need for every room in the house?

Brass Earbuds

Master & Dynamic’s chic brass earphones

Jamie Clawson MacBook Python Cover

Jamie Clawson python leather MacBook Cover (other colors/textures also available)

Prynt Pocket Instant Printer

Prynt Instant iPhone Printer. I recently just got this for a friend and it was so fun to print pictures seconds after snapping them.


Mary Gaspar Plant Cell via Minted

Mary Gaspar makes beautiful prints available on Minted. I couldn’t imagine a more lovely gift than a piece of art,

Donald The Book

I love Donald Robertson’s new book featuring his incredible drawings and work throughout.


Dippin Dot Squared by Kristi Kohut. I love the colors and design of this so much. Nothing like abstract art mixed with antique pieces.

Midecom Milkboy Toy

The MilkBoy It Bear available on BAIT. How cool would this look on a bookshelf? It can double as a toy, but it is more art to me…


Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil

I don’t leave the house without my Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil. All clean, and totally lovely.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial Mask

Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial Mask leaves your skin looking like you just got a facial. It is my Sunday night go to.

Dyson Hairdryer

Dyson Hairdryer. Yes, It is worth it. I have had mine for a year and there is no going back to any other dryer. The most efficient blow dry.

Beauty Bioscience GloPRO. This is one of the hottest gifts right now. Microneedle your face to perfection.

 Vitners Daughter

Vitner’s Daughter  I can’t brag about this enough. It may be pricey, but I swear it is a skin game changer  (dry/oily/acne- it solves it al)


My nightly routine isn’t complete without a bath. Olverum Bath Oil has been around for generations. It is all natural (truly) and smells divine.

Magnetic Eye Lash extentions

One Two Magnetic Eye Lashes. Eye lash boutiques are popping everywhere, but it is a long and pricey process. This beats the stick-on glue and provides an easy alternative for long lashes.