Gift Guide: Him

Let’s just get straight into it…



Pouring shouldn’t be boring

Mark and Graham Monogrammed Decanter

Personalized Mark & Graham decanter. A fabulous bar cart accessory or man cave must have.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

Tovolo Ice Maker from Crate and Barrell is an ideal accessory for any drink of choice.

Pappy Van winkle Whiskey

Speaking of a cocktail, this enviable  Pappy Van Winkle whiskey is a coveted addition to any bar or backdrop.


Mr. Chef

Cook up something special


Allen Brothers Steak

Allen Brothers Steaks make a phenomenal gift to any man with a sophisticated palette. Apparently , these are sourced from the same company that supplies Dallas’ famous steakhouse Al Bernaits.


Maybe I have lived in Texas for too long, but I can see any guy getting an ego kick out of branding his meat with his initials…From Texas Irons



This is universal for men and woman, but I have had multiple people (including by friend Jennifer at Belcaire House Blog) rave about the Sansaire. It cooks food to perfection and it is incredibly simple to use. Can’t beat that for a first class meal.

Yeti Rambler

This is also universal, but men love all things Yeti. It keeps it hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. It will be the best money you have ever spent, and something you will use everyday. Regular coffee cups will just not do…


Well Groomed And Accessorized

Clean up nicely


Beard Soap from Dr K

For any bearded boy that you know, they will forever be in your debt with this all natural Irish cleaner. It makes sense it needs it’s own soap! From Dr. K Soap Company

Harrys Shave Club

A chic shave is better than any other type of shave,. Harry’s products give you just that, plus it is delivered straight to your door.

Samsung Curved TV via Best Buy

Curved TV is the way of the future. It will make it seem like you are actually at the game. Plus, you can arrange your living room whatever way you like (he can see if from any angle). From Samsung

Everyday Carry Kit Keychain from Huckberry

This key can basically do everything you could possibly ask for and carries everything you need to survive. Lighter, screw driver, fire starter, knife, paracord and so much more. Available at Huckberry

J Crew Cedar Shoe Trees

Cedar Shoe Trees from J. Crew always make a superb gift for any man. They make a closet smell yummy and are universally pleasing to every gentleman.