Giving Thanks

I am so thankful for all of my fabulous Potted Boxwood followers. Seriously, Thank You!  I can’t believe how far this blog has come in such a short time. Since The Potted Boxwood launched on June 9th, I have had over 25, 500 views from over 100 different countries. I don’t get paid to write my thoughts (if I ever do I promise I will tell you!). My hope for The Potted Boxwood is to share images of good taste and thoughtful design. I want you to know the designers and the consistencies behind the beautifully lacquered front doors of homes near and abroad.

Thank you for coming back here day after day. As always, if there is ever anything you wish to see more of (or even less of), don’t hesitate to email me. This blog is not about me, but about great design that is all things timeless, some things trendy, and everything chic.

Be sure to visit Friday to see The Potted Boxwood’s gift list.  Have a safe, happy, and perfectly tablescaped Thanksgiving!


Turkey Hill

Martha Stewart’s Turkey Hill home.  Fitting for the holiday. Click the photo for more pictures.

For a link to her perfect roast turkey: click here It’s A Good Thing.