Glorious Gloria

I watched and fell in love with Anderson Cooper’s documentary of his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. I was mesmerized by her grand life and her artistic talent. Like with most everything I observe, I was even more fascinated by her surroundings. Her ability to collect, curate, and add to her environment with a tasteful, yet an apparent overabundance of enchanting objects. I find people that have a “more is more” approach are especially fascinating. While some may be repulsed by too many objects in a room, I love the decadence of it all. Some things may have a rich history, while others were purchased just for the mere fact that they were beautiful.

Being minimal may be a breath of fresh air and it also shows restraint. But like with diets, love, and good shoes— who really has fun holding back?!

Here is a collection of images I found of Gloria’s apartments (past and present..or maybe all in the same?). All I know is that they are glorious.

Corner of Gloria Vanderbilts home via Dwell Studio

A corner of Gloria’s home. So much to observe, from the large paintings, to the screen, to the collections. Via Dwell Studio

Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper relaxing with her family in her NYC apartment, she is wearing a sailor collar and tie by Adolfo *** Local Caption *** Gloria Vanderbilt;

A more preppy take on pastels, gingham, bold checks, and lettuce ware. Via W Magazine

Glorida Vanderbilts dining room with chinese screens via New York Magazine

Hand-painted Chinese chinoiserie screens make up this intimate dining area. Via New York Magazine

Gloria Vanderbilts bedroom via New York magazine

Darker hues and detailed patterns take over this nook in her bedroom via New York Magazine.

Gloria Vanderbilts foyer in the 70s via Vogue

Her apartment foyer adorned in the seventies. Patchwork and fur are the name of the game. Via Vogue

Gloria Vanderbilt posing in her NY apartment for Bloomcraft. AD May/June 1974

Another shot of that living room with a different cover on the sofa. I personally like the large check better! Via Vogue

Gloria Vanderbuilt in her living room via Vogue

Look at that green dress! Her surroundings are just as fabulous, colorful, and collected.

Gloria Vanerbilts apartment via New York Magazine

A great glimpse of just how exquisite and ornate her home really is. Via New York Magazine

Gloria Vanderbuilt living room via The NYT

Such a wonderful collection that seamlessly blends together. Art, pattern, and beautiful objects. Via The New York Times

Glorida Vanderbily pirched in manhattan via Vogue

Why not live glamorously and with a little bit of pattern panache. Via Vogue