Gorgeous Gambrel

If you haven’t seen this Bridgehampton home in the June Architectural Digest, you are truly missing out. The ‘pantry” alone is enough to leave you breathless. Steven Gambrel along with Michael Davis Construction created a spectacular home full of light, timeless neutrals, and an ideal balance of color. The front landscape proves that all you need is beautiful and robust bursts of green. There is a collected family feel in this beautiful new home. Normally it takes times for new construction to look established, but I think Gambrel did an excellent job of enhancing the ambience with his talented fresh design.

I really just love this house and had to share today. Again, sorry for the sporadic posting- summertime has me on a varying schedule.

photography by   via AD

Home by Steven Gambrel via AD

living room by steven gambrel via AD

design by Steven Gambrel via AD

china room by Steven Gambrel via ADliving area by Steven Gambrel via AD

bedroom by Steven Gambrel via AD

Bathroom by Steven Gambrel via AD

outside living area by Steven Gambrel via AD