Hall Pass

When I was in search of the perfect unit in my high-rise, I had one requirement. I did not want to open the door and walk straight into a kitchen. I am a firm believer in the power of an entrance and the importance of a hallway. In fact, it can easily be said that my hallway is a waste of space. However, it adds a flair of drama and is by far the best hallway to play fetch (so says Emmie the Pug). Let’s just say it is her own personal doggie runway.

Hallways, like stairways, provide a gracious transition from one place to the next. I love wide hallways, where side tables, benches, and chairs can be placed. They allow for creative and elegant vignettes, as well as more area to use pattern and texture. Hallways are especially a great place to use furniture that may not be so comfortable, but is itself a piece of art. A crucial element for hallways is lighting. Without the right lighting, a hallway can look dingy, dark, and uninviting. Pay special attention to the light fixtures below, you will see plenty that will make you want to deck the halls!

Sorry for my absence yesterday, my sinuses got the better of me!


Jean-Louis Deniot Chicago Apartment via AD

An exquisite hallway in the Chicago apartment of Jean Louis-Deniot. Look at those fixtures by Galerie des Lampes. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Fabulous Green laquer via House Beuatiful

Fantastic green lacquered walls in this hallway designed by Christina Murphy. Photo source: House Beautiful 

the home of Maraym Montague & Chris Redecke in Marrakech Elle Decor

Stunning star shaped light fixtures in the hallway of the Moroccan home of Maryam Montague and Chris Redecke. Photo source: Elle Decor

Alidad's London Apartment Hallway

A beautifully collected antique hallway in Alidad’s London apartment. Photo source: Elle Decor

Hallway by Windsor Smith in LA via Veranda

A chic and elegant checkerboard hallway by Windsor Smith. Photo source: Veranda

Hallway of Kelli Ford via Veranda

One of the most phenomenal hallways In Kelli Ford’s home in Dallas. Photo source: Veranda

Modern Hallway in House Beautiful

A modern hallway for this “winter forest” themed apartment designed by Fawn Galli. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Iris Apfel's NY home in AD

The wonderfully lived-in and timeless hallway of the legendary Iris Apfel. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Domino Magazine Hallway

Sweet and simple in this delicately wallpapered hallway designed by Lisa Sherry. Photo source: Domino

Hallway Entry of Apartment by Jean Louis Deniot via AD

Another beautifully finished hallway that is dripping with luxury. The floors and lighting are just outrageously perfect. Design by Jean Louis-Deniot in Architectural Digest.

Montecitio Hallway bu George Washington Smith via AD

A California classic hallway in this Spanish-style Montecito home by George Washington Smith. Not overly done and full of light. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Fox Nahem Design in Greenwich via AD

A hallway with large modern art, color, and floor pattern in this Greenwich, Connecticut home designed by Fox Nahem Design. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Palm Beach hallway via Elle Decor

How can I not love a hallway with potted boxwoods? The beautifully designed Palm Beach home of the unltimate tastemaker’s Harry and Laura Slatkin (Nest Candles). Photo source: Elle Decor

Hallway in Kelly Wearstler's Bel-Air home via AD

The ultimate high-gloss and high-end hallway by Kelly Wearstler. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Watercolor Hallway in Lonny Magazine

Watercolor wallpaper graces this hallway in this LA home designed by Wendy Schwartz. Photo source: Lonny

Todd Alexander Romano hallway via Elle Decor

An exceptional use of color, texture, and shine in this hallway designed by Todd Alexander Romano. Photo source: Elle Decor