Holiday Decor Tips

I was on the phone with my mom yesterday evening and she came across a great holiday decor tip from designer, Tobi Fairley in Elle Decor:  “No matter how gorgeous your holiday items are, if they are competing with your room instead of complementing it, the effect will be lost.”

I feel this is SO important to remember. The holidays often feel like a time where we can go overboard, but it is always best to show just a tad restraint. It is like getting dressed and taking off one piece of jewelry out the door (especially true for us who like to be-jewel ourselves). The same goes for the home. Especially on exteriors, I get too distracted by the lights framing the window, and the deer out front, and the lighted wreath, and the two trees shining bright from the windows…etc. You get the point. I am not saying to not decorate or not have fun, but don’t let the beauty and warmth of your home get blinded by the lights..literally!


This photo from Martha Stewart is one of my absolute favorites! It shows just how much less is more and natural greenery always wins.

(Short post again- but hopefully this Z Pack will have me back in action next week!)


Martha Stewart Front Door