Homes Of Hagan

Summer time creates a desire for bold bright colors for some, and for others it evokes a simplicity. I like to think I fall into the latter. I tend to like a bolder style in the winter, and a more refined decor palette in the summer. I think one of the most talented designers when it comes to a refined and refreshing palette is Victoria Hagan. Her work has an ease and sensibility while still creating a room that is packed with high-end style.

Her homes have been featured time and gain, because they are truly timeless. Clean walls, shades of creamy colors, and contrasts of subtle shades exude a lifestyle of classic sophistication, without pretension. Hagan has an immense gift for finding ways to input light in every room. Each room seems like it was destined for it’s design. In her rooms, nothing is a focal point because everything is a focal point. There is seamless blend of style that gives her work a great sense of harmony, without any predictably. That is not an easy task to come by, although Hagan makes it look so chicly easy.


Entry by Victoria Hagan via Hooked on Houses

A tall and light-filled dutch door entry. Sweet simplicity. Via Hooked on Houses

Victoria Hagans Nantucket Home via AD

Hagan’s Nantucket bedroom. A refreshing palette of neutrals and blues. Via AD

Hallways and design by Victoria Hagan via NY Daily News

I love Hagan’s use of modern art and clean lines. That wall color is also a stunner. Via NY Daily News

Home by Victoria Hagan via AD

I could happily cozy up in this sitting area off of an expansive kitchen. Strong architectural detail. Via AD

Hues of purple by Victoria Hagan via Quintessence

Pops of purple and casual elegance. Via Quintessence

Kitchen by Victoria Hagan via Veranda

The light fixtures are the best supporting actors in this coastal kitchen. I think all white kitchens deserve dark floors…it just works! Via Veranda

Milwaukee Residence by Victoria Hagan via AD

A very sophisticated and glamorous living area. The black fireplace gives a strong punch of emphasis. Via AD

Simple fireplace setting by Victoria Hagan via

A close up of the fireplace area. Via AD

Living room by Victoria Hagan via NEHM

As I mentioned above, Hagan is consistent. Her look is signature and timeless, making this room look good 100 years from now. Via New England Home

Master bedroom by Victoria Hagan in Milwaukee via AD

Soft camels and tans become more vibrant with the varied use of hues and textures. Via AD

Stairway Entry by Victoria Hagan

I love the sisal runner with the black edged striping. With Hagan, it is the small details that make the room come alive. Via Pinterest

Victoria Hagans Connecticut Home via AD 2

A plush way to wake up. I am a firm believer and practitioner of the all white bed. Via AD

Book by Victoria Hagan

Of course, to see more of Hagan’s outstanding work purchase her book here.