I heART it all: Kristen Tirney

Kristen Tirney Art 3
I recently came across Kristen Tirney’s artwork and totally fell in love with it. Her work is full of vivid color and unique patterns that easily enhance any space.  Her love for art began at a young age and included many private art lessons and classes throughout her childhood.  She worked briefly at NBC where she assisted in graphics for The Today Show and Nightly News. Kristen enjoys the freedom and creation that goes with the process of painting an abstract piece.

Her ability to blend colors as the piece is created and to let the canvas develop on its own leads to some of her most beautiful paintings. She finds inspiration from things around her whether it be a throw pillow or a sunburst gold mirror. Her paintings often reflect her love for the many elements that go into home design and interior decorating.
Kristen creates many custom commissioned paintings for clients all over the country. She can color match fabrics and personalize the color and style to execute your vision and fit your personal aesthetic. She has such a wide range of artistic styles to fit each individual’s needs. Her work is truly thoughtful and artistically inspiring. Hope you enjoy!




Kristen Tirney Art 10

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Kristen Tirney Art is currently sold in 7 stores on the East Coast in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Her work was showcased in a Main Line Restaurant before being distributed to stores for sale. She also believes it is important to give back to the community. She has plans to contribute paintings to the Harlem Academy Spring Benefit Live Auction in NYC, and the Rumson Country Day School Gator Bash in Rumson, NJ this upcoming Spring, as well as the Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Foundation Auction being held in the Fall of 2018.