I heART it all: Taelor Fisher

I really love the fresh and colorful work of Dallas artist Taelor Fisher. Her playful use of color combinations work together in a fresh and vibrant way to create a gorgeous art.  Her pieces have an illuminating quality that is perfect to cheer up a kitchen, hallway, or bedroom. Taelor has the ability to create artwork large and small in scale. She also ties in colors for any design project.
The best part is that her commissions are reasonable and just looking at her work will bring a smile. I love happy art, and every brushstroke by Taelor embodies just that. It is no surprise that her work continues to grow in popularity. I can only encourage you to be on the forefront of it all. I am about to be (I will share soon). Happy Art = Happy Life.

Visit her website: TAELOR FISHER

Instagram: @taelorfisherpainting


Taelor Fisher Painting 1

Her work has a captivating signature style.

Taelor Fisher Painting

If you give her a color scheme to work with, she can create a piece that compliments the design.

Taelor Fisher Painting 2I am SUPER excited about these linens she has created. Follow her to find out more.

Taelor Fisher Painting 4 I pretty much want this for myself.

Taelor Fisher Painting 5 Her smaller prints would be ideal on a gallery wall.

Taelor Fisher Painting 6

The depth and range of her use of color is uniquely chic.

FayinFrame It is only natural for me to refer to her work as vibrant, yet subtle. It compliments the surroundings without completely over powering the space. When you look at her work alone, it is mesmerizing. A perfect balance.

FarmGirl10_StockPhoto Just the infusion of color this room needs!

Taelor Fisher Painting 3

P.S. She is just as fun and fabulous in person as her paintings!