In Defense of Grandma

Tory Burch Southampton Bedroom in Colefax and Fowler Floral via AD

The lovely Hampton’s bedroom of Tory Burch by Daniel Romualdez. Notice the similarities to Lee Radziwill’s bedroom below. Via AD


Sometimes, when you see a great injustice happening, you have to speak up about it. The injustice I am talking about today is a bad habit, a trendy descriptor that I hear far too often. This injustice categorizes classic design by the name of  “old lady,” or interchangeably worse “grandma/granny.” These words are being used to describe timeless styles of interiors, and it has to STOP.

Basically, it isn’t fair to grandma or any older ladies out there. What style even classifies an old lady? Old ladies of our childhood are no longer the same old ladies now. Is there some inherent time tasting device within us? When women hit their 70’s and 80’s do they change their lifetime of style? Chances are, these grandmas have been around to see many different trends of design pass around the block. Yet out of all the trends, there are styles that remain constant.
There are rooms, patterns, furniture, architecture, materials, etc. that looked chic 100 years ago and maintain that same style now. That style is called timeless. That ambience is called everlasting. That design should NOT be called old lady. So please, stop trying to shame older women or those women who have grand-children, or use it to “politely insult” the younger people who appreciate this sophistication. There is also nothing wrong with those who prefer fun trends or safe neutrals to chic patterns and charming colors. But by all means, don’t lump anyone who can collect on retirement into one category of interiors.

So, cheers to all the young and old timeless style seekers out there.

Don’t be ashamed to fight the trendy waters. Like the tide, what temporarily goes in style will often go right out.


*Stay tuned for my new blog series: All Things Timeless. We will explore the history of classic elements in design like chintz, chinoiserie, toile, delftware, cane furniture, chippendale and much more.



Charlotte Moss quote

Bunny Melon dining room circa 1966Bunny Mellon’s Manhattan dining room circa 1966. Still relevant today. Via AD

Alice Naylor Leyland Bedroom

The fashionable Alyce Naylor-Leyland with her young children in her beautifully decorated bedroom in England. Photo by Simon Upton via AD

Charlotte Moss

My freshman year of college, I visited Charlotte Moss’ townhouse store in New York City. It was just an overload of chic. Later in college, I remember eagerly picking up Charlotte Moss‘ new book, A Flair For Living. It is a book I still cherish and refer to often.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 9.12.52 PM


Cathy Kincaid for Southern Accents

Southern Accents 2003 Dallas showhouse designed by Cathy Kincaid

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.41.44 PM


The year was 2003. I was in the eighth grade. I kept this particular issue of Southern Accents in my nightstand and would pour over it at night, like an addict who just needed one more fix, haha. That issue highlighted The Southern Accents Dallas Showhouse designed by Cathy Kincaid. It was the first major designer I really knew by name.

Some moments in life you can pinpoint, and this issue sparked a lifetime of obsession with interiors. As I write this, I guess it is no surprise to me I ended up calling Dallas home, or that I still admire Cathy’s ability to timelessly create chic spaces.

 Cathy Kincaid Living Room via VerandaCathy Kincaid via Veranda

A fresh space created by Cathy Kincaid (home restored by architect Wilson Fuqua) via Veranda.

Frédéric Méchiche via Elle Decor Gilded moldings and the color combination that is always in style: black and white.  Frédéric Méchiche  via Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder in a Hamptons bedroom via AD

Aerin Lauder understands and lives out the importance of collection and tradition in effortlessly timeless style. Pictured here in her late grandmother Estee’s bedroom in the Hamptons decorated in Pierre Frey’s Toile de Nantes .

Guest Room of Alex Papachristidis and Scott via Alexsviewpoint insagram

The chic guest bedroom of Alex Papachristidis and Scott Nelson via @alexsviewpoint

Dining room via Pinterest

Wonderfully white and totally timeless dining room via Pinterest

Caroline Herrera

Ashley Whitaker interiors

This entry by Ashley Whitaker will never age.

Lee Radziwill manhattan bedroom

Lee Radziwill’s New York City bedroom via AD.

 “I abhor the American idea of starting with a tabula rasa every few years and getting rid of everything. When I buy something, I do so with the intention of keeping it forever. I’m constantly falling in love with objects, and they follow me around the world.”

– Lee Radziwill in the 1975 issue of AD.

Do yourself a favor and read it here


Nick Olson design via Veranda Photo by Melanie Acevado

A pretty corner of de Gournay wallpaper designed by Nick Olson. Photo by Melanie Acevado via Veranda

Bunny WIlliams dining room Photo via Mick Hales via Spledid Sass

A dreamy dining room designed by Bunny Williams. Photo by Mick Hales

Bunny Mellon living roomEasy elegance in the living room by Bunny Mellon via AD

Corner of Ann Wold's bedroom via her instagram
Quiet corner of the beautiful master bedroom of Ann Wolf via @annwolfinteriordecoration

Lee Radziwell Paris ApartmentLee Radziwill’s Paris Apartment via T Magazine.

“Some people have an innate knack for the visual; it’s something you’re born with. Yes, I would call it an emotion.” – Lee Radziwill


Elise de Wolfe

Danielle Rollins Bedroom

The feminine and fabulous bedroom of Danielle Rollins via Veranda

Janet de Botton Home

The enchanting dining room of Janet de Botton via Vogue Living.

Miles Redd Vignette

Miles Redd does no wrong. He has all the fun!

Charlotte Moss Bedroom via Pinterest Most charming bedroom by Charlotte Moss. I could swim in this fabric.

Alexa Hampton via One Kings Lane

Sophisticated elegance in this bedroom by Alexa Hampton via One Kings Lane.

A Parish-Hadley interior, founded by the legendary Sister Parish photographed by Peter Frank Edwards/Redux design via Tory Burch.


Truer words have never been spoken.

Plastic Sofa

Now this…this is a different story.  😉