Industrial Views

While I don’t ever foresee myself having industrial windows, I do appreciate them and the aesthetic that they bring to a space. Who wouldn’t want to walk into a room of a large wall of windows with striking frames? They are architecturally significant all on their own accord. In my opinion, the key is to mix them with pieces that don’t overshadow their ambience.

These images of rooms below are fabulously chic and eclectic. They belong in an industry of their own.

Have a great weekend!

An industrial and welcoming living area by Michael Neumann via AD

A superb open living area with industrial doors and chic wood beams designed by Michael Neumann. Photo source: Architectural Digest

An industrial loft in Amsterdam via Jelanie Blog

A high ceiling Amsterdam loft with industrial doors and windows overlooking a quaint courtyard. What a striking space! Photo source: Jelanie Blog

Bathroom by Jeffrey Bilhuber via House Beautiful

Jeffrey Bilhuber masters this bathroom with industrial shower doors. If I had to use industrial doors, I think I would use them first for a shower. So masculine and sophisticated. Photo source: House Beautiful 

A gorgeous open living area with industrial doors

An all around lovely skylighted living room with three pairs of industrial fresh doors. The room itself is so very traditional, but the doors add a vibe of current character.

Beautiful Industrial Doors via Veranda

A remarkable and stunning front entry of a home featured in Veranda magazine.

A Spanish Revivial Bathroom by Deirdre Doherty via House Beautiful

A rustic industrial shower door with frosted textured glass by designer Deirdre Doherty. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Industrial Glass Room dividers via Elle Decoration UK

An interior industrial glass partition in a very modern and minimalist space. Photo source: Elle Decoration UK

Istabul Home of Designer Aslio Tunca via World of Interiorsjpg

A divine image of industiral french doors and a marble tub at the Istabul home designed by Asli Tunca via World of Interiors.

Netherlands home of Casper and Suzy Vissers in Elle Decor

I love industrial doors, especially since you can get a better view of the chic hedges outside. A very modern space designed by Casper and Suzy Vissers via Elle Decor.

Richard Shapiro's Malibu Home via AD

I really adore this dreamy room of textured walls, industrial doors, and inviting white sofas in Richard Shapiro’s Malibu home. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Studio Home door by Tom Kundig in Architectural Digest

What an entrance! Smaller frames on this oversized door in home of Tom Kundig. Photo source: Architectural Digest