Influenced by Grace

As I started to write this post, I was going to preface it with the fact this is not my usual content. It is not about architecture, interiors, landscape, or design. However, I am currently typing this laughing at the paradox because that exactly what this post is about.

So often we try to be the architects of own lives, yet it never quite turns out how we may have envisioned it in our picture perfect way. What I have come to notice in my life is the plans that God has for me are even better than the ones I could create in my mind. He is the ultimate architect. I am definitely in a period of personal growth, a spiritual renovation of the sorts.


Make no mistake, it is work. So often people think they can just sit back and God will tell them exactly what to do. You have to turn feelings into prayer and prayer into action.


I have tried my best to fully trust the wind at my back saying “this is the way, walk in it.” Often it doesn’t make sense and I can’t see the end game, but I know that no plan The Lord has for me can be thwarted. I have seen that with the trajectory of my life. The fact I am doing this little blog full time… a brand built by accident. This was not in my original plan for my life, yet it is a way better plan than I could have imagined.


It was in this interior renovation of self, that I knew I needed to broaden my landscape so others can experience or get to know the joy that I am feeling (and it has been an inexplicable joy and peace in a painful period).  In that season, the idea of Influenced by Grace was born. I have teamed up with two sweet influencer friends, Lee Cordon of Do Say Give and Paige Minear of The Pink Clutch to start a new instagram account called @Influenced.byGrace. We plan to share The One who influences us the most with a daily thought, verse, and prayer. Each Sunday we will have a special guest influencer sharing a meaningful spiritual thought, separate from the more lifestyle things we post each day.


 I know many of you who follow me have different faiths or beliefs, and I am not here to alienate you- The Potted Boxwood remains The Potted Boxwood. My faith is ultimately a part of who I am, and I always want to be transparent about that. This is a beautiful community and I treasure each of you dearly. I truly believe in loving your neighbor as yourself.


As @Influenced.byGrace officially launches today, I wanted to share our logo and the verse I chose for this Monday morning. Also, if you don’t follow Paige and Lee you definitely should. They are wonderfully talented with great content to follow!

Have a beautiful day!